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First Nude Scene

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1 “I ___ Andy Warhol”

5 Singer k.d.

9 Cartoon skunk Le Pew

13 Sounds of approval from Oz?

14 Reed in a Ned Rorem work

15 “June Is Bustin’ Out All ___”

16 “Mrs. Doubtfire”- attire

17 It’s left on a map

18 Baptism or bar mitzvah

19 Trans actress who had her first nude scene with 55-Across

22 British peer

23 One with a tricky tongue

24 55-Across in drag?

29 Tat word, often

32 Spread about, as rumors

33 Newt, to Candace

36 Palindromist’s exclamation

37 Character played by 19-Across

38 Like Abner, before Viagra?

39 The feminine side

40 Comes down hard in showers

41 Versatile vehicle

42 Reactions to seeing a hottie

44 Morales of “Jericho”

45 Zipper problem

46 To some extent

48 Rank of von Trapp of Aust.

50 When to have sex

52 Dull finish

55 Title character of 33-Down

60 Phillippe of “Gosford Park”

61 Film that exposed Treat Williams

62 NY Met or LA Dodger

63 Hankerings

64 Response to Brut’s “How many hot dogs did you have?”

65 Actress Ione


1 Like McCullers’ cafe

2 Chronicler of Poker Flat

3 Tara name

4 1982 title role for R. Williams

5 Rob of “The West Wing”

6 Genesis brother

7 Sticking in one’s proboscis

8 Catches on to

9 Wife of Ellen

10 Madonna title role

11 Pan handle?

12 Before, to the Bard

20 Sounds in “The Trolley Song”

21 Uses a slur

25 Slaved away

26 Responds to yeast

27 “___ little silhouetto of a man …”

28 Highlands language

29 It goes on a hero’s meat, maybe

30 Birth state of Langston Hughes

31 Setting of 33-Down

33 TV show of the nude scene

34 Beatles’ meter maid

35 Jackie’s designer

43 Rears to your first mate

45 Gives rise to

47 Singer DiFranco

49 Verlaine’s soul

50 “Aida,” to Gomer?

51 “Mommie Dearest” star Dunaway

53 Deuce taker

54 French I verb

56 Broadway role for Antonio

57 “Cabaret”‘s Kit-___ Klub

58 Pose for Mapplethorpe

59 Capote bio


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