Michigan Native Premieres Play About Gay Teens

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Maxim Vinogradov as Brad (left) and Jackson Abohasira as Jack (right). Photo courtesy of Slipstream Theatre Initiative.

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Photo Caption: Maxim Vinogradov as Brad (left) and Jackson Abohasira as Jack (right). Photo courtesy of Slipstream Theatre Initiative.

Slipstream Theatre Initiative is fresh off the heels of its first season and diving head first into its second, kicking off in December. But every once in a while a script comes along that is undeniably one that must be produced right here, right now.
Slipstream is proud to announce the production of such a script, “B.F.’s!” by local author and playwright, Frank Anthony Polito, based on his novel “Band Fags!”
Though their second season doesn’t officially start until December, Slipstream will be producing this Michigan premiere in September to celebrate the opening of their new, permanent space. 460 Hilton is the new home for the group, which previously moved from space to space. “B.F.’s!” will be the show to open the space and bring an original script to the metro Detroit area.
“B.F.’s!” is an almost-totally-true story that takes place over the course of four years (1984-1988) in Hazel Park. It tells the honest story of two best friends, both struggling with finding their own identities in a world that shuns boys who play with dolls and dress a little differently. High School can be a devastating place, especially for young people in the closet in a time and location that frowns upon embracing your real self. Over the course of the four-year journey of the play, the two best friends experience a lot of firsts, a tremendous amount of internal struggling and an overwhelming sense of needing to find their own voices, and more importantly, to have those voices heard.
The two-person cast, under the direction of Artistic Director Bailey Boudreau (who also does the costumes), consists of up-and-comers Maxim Vinogradov (“Taming of the Shrew”) and Jackson Abohasira (“Taming of the Shrew”). Though the play has been produced in San Francisco and New York, playwright Polito has been dying to have it produced here, where he grew up (and where it takes place). And just a warning: the names may have been changed to protect the innocent, but most of the situations are actual events.
With a throwback “I Love the 80s” set (complete with wood paneling and early “Days of Our Lives” pin ups), designed by Ryan Ernst and a soundtrack of memorable 80s tunes designed by creator Polito, this play is sure to take the audience on a journey to a time when knowing ourselves seemed an impossible feat. It resonates with men and women of all generations as it is a story about coming of age and learning to deal with the consequences. Friendship is a sacred bond that is often challenging and not without its faults. Join Slipstream as they explore the value of these seemingly unbreakable bonds and venture into the intricate world of the teenage mind.
“B.F.’s!” has remaining shows 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 7 p.m. Sundays, Sept. 18-27. The Slipstream Theatre Initiative is located at 460 Hilton, Ferndale. Tickets for the show are $12 in advance only. For tickets, contact 248-298-9617 or by visiting www.slipstreamti.com.

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