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Volunteers Needed For LGBTQQI Aging-Empoweredly Study

By |2015-10-06T09:00:00-04:00October 6th, 2015|National, News|


OHIO – Professors from John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio are seeking LGBT individuals over the age of 50 to participate in an anonymous, national online survey studying LGBT aging.
The study, conducted by Dr. Darrell Greene, psychologist in private practice, and Dr. Paula Britton, full-time counselor and professor at John Carroll University, will find information to try and better understand LGBT aging and empowerment by exploring the physical and mental health of LGBT older adults.
The survey will take 20-30 minutes to complete and includes questions regarding health, finances, social support, perceptions of the body and coping and concludes with open-ended questions. Results from the study will be of interest to counselors and therapists working directly with LGBT older adults to better help them develop healthy aging habits. Greene and Britton hope to get 400 people to participate.
All participants who complete the study will be asked at completion if they would like to enroll by email in a random drawing to win one of 10 total $10 Amazon gift cards or one $50 Amazon gift card.
Although the survey is conducted anonymously, there are some confidentiality risks to participating in the internet-based research. Participants are encouraged to close the internet browser once finished to protect privacy and to delete the webpage history from the browser after closing the survey link. Participants may skip any question they do not wish to answer.
Some participants may feel distressed or uneasy when answering the questions and are encouraged to send their thoughts and concerns to the researchers at darrellcgreene@gmail.com or pbritton@jcu.edu.

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