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Viral Video Shows Detroit Teen Receiving First Dose Of Hormones

By |2015-10-08T09:00:00-04:00October 8th, 2015|Michigan, News|


DETROIT – A video of a Detroit mother recording her 14-year-old trans daughter receiving her first dose of estrogen has gone viral online.
Corey Maison, who has been very feminine for most of her life, was forced into homeschooling after experiencing intense bullying, Buzzfeed reports. She has been waiting years for hormone therapy and received the package with her first dose as a surprise from her mother.
“Today after waiting two and half years she FINALLY got her estrogen,” Corey’s mother, Erica Maison, writes on the Youtube video description. “I picked it up while she was in school so she had no idea. We have been waiting months for the readiness letter to be finalized and sent to Chicago, so had no idea on a timeline of when it would actually happen. Sorry I had to stop recording because we were both blubbering sobbing fools LOL. Sept. 24 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life!”
The video, first published on Buzzfeed News, shows Corey sitting on a couch looking confused as she reaches behind a cushion, grabs a package and opens it. The moment she realizes the box is hormones, Corey bursts into tears and hugs her mother.
“This was the most pivotal turning point in her life, and we both knew it,” Erica told BuzzFeed News.
The minute-long video was published on Youtube Sept. 25 and has been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

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