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Bi Songs by …

By | 2015-10-15T09:00:00-04:00 October 15th, 2015|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Olympic award for Ireen W,st
6 Supporter of Julia Morgan?
10 They were under Hoover
14 Advil rival
15 Global rights org.
16 Drumbeat start
17 They’re green when you pluck them
18 *”I Kissed A Girl” singer
20 Non-Judy garland
21 “I’ve ___ had!”
23 Annoyances
24 Meat that may be tender
26 *With 45-Across, “Baby Blue” singer
27 The “T” in T.E. Lawrence
29 Doesn’t feel up
30 Old PC program
33 Poe visitor
34 Miss, to Mauresmo
35 Leafy veggie
36 Ball of film
37 Cold-cocks
38 “Art of Love” poet
39 Umlaut pair, in Rilke’s language
40 Shaft output
41 Tee shot for Rosie Jones
42 That, south of the border
43 Abel’s assassin
44 Word after bottom
45 *See 26-Across
46 Raunchy British sitcom
47 Gets to second base, perhaps
50 Comic strip dog
51 Family magazine
54 *Pete, who sang “Rough Boys”
56 Full of the latest
58 “The African Queen” author
59 Early Ron Howard role
60 More cunning
61 First of the Democratic ass drawers
62 Fairy godmother’s stick
63 Former NFL player Tuaolo

1 Edifice complex
2 Novelist Wiesel
3 *”Cool For The Summer” singer
4 Greeting to Maria
5 L of GLAAD
6 Vehicles for some dykes
7 Flair
8 Literary rep.
9 Erections with ribbons wrapped around them
10 *”Coming Clean” singers ___ Day
11 “Terrif!”
12 “To be” to Henri
13 “Over my dead body!” and more
19 Small shooters shoot them off
22 Tennessee Williams twosome
25 Black pussy cats, e.g.
26 Leaves at the altar
27 It may be rough
28 Circles overhead
29 *”Bicoastal” singer Peter
30 *”John, Iim Only Dancing” singer
31 Kind of drab
32 Passover dinner
34 Richly deserve
35 Land of Margaret Cho’s ancestors
37 Place to exam someone’s dinghy
41 Man-to-man, to Sue Wicks
43 Disney frames
44 Crime-fighting org.
45 *”Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)” singer Jackson
46 Changed from a pair to a threesome
47 Owner of a gay dog on “South Park”
48 Cicero’s garment
49 Some of Mary’s lambs
50 Way to come
52 Web surfer
53 Supermodel Banks
55 MPG monitor
57 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”

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