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Easy to Remember

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1 Deep throat problem
6 “Lawrence of Arabia,” e.g.
10 He “Looks Like a Lady” to Aerosmith
14 Style Tracy Turnblad’s hair
15 Vegetable soup bean
16 Shakespeare’s Hathaway
17 Kofi of the UN
18 Debtor’s slips
19 Neighbor of Minn.
20 Area of concern for Natalie Cole
23 Bowie collaborator Brian
24 Dildo batteries
25 Closemouthed
28 Prisoner’s term
31 Extremely hard
33 Brewing tank
34 Maugham’s “Cakes and ___ ”
35 and others
36 Area of concern for Natalie Cole
39 Son of Adam and Eve
41 Ballerina’s perch
42 Mean Amin
43 Ann-___ of “Grease”
45 They may act up
49 “___ little silhouetto of a man …”
50 Dusk, to Dickinson
51 “Cool” amount
52 Iconic song that Natalie Cole sang with her dad
57 Anderson of TV and film
59 Peter Nero’s 88
60 Porn director Francis
61 Ballet skirt
62 Ready to eat, like a fruit
63 Tough to climb
64 Deity in Kahlo’s land
65 Colony dwellers
66 Well-hung, e.g.

1 Hotties in a gay bar get these
2 Rent payer
3 Ill will
4 Morales of movies
5 Elizabeth of “Transamerica”
6 Half-brother of Chaz
7 Upright, but probably not erect
8 Don of radio
9 Playbill list
10 “I Will Survive” genre
11 Secret target that may be hairy
12 Crime lab study
13 Cartoon squeal
21 Secrete white stuff
22 Suffix for Juan
26 NBC sketch source
27 Cause of Venus envy?
29 Rupert Everett’s Dr. Claw, e.g.
30 T, as in Torah
31 He was a knockout at the gym
32 Straying from the inclusive norm, perhaps
34 Absorbed, as a loss
36 To this, to Evan Wolfson
37 Simple sack
38 Puts the finger on a bad man
39 Mate in Montreal
40 U. degrees
44 Eng. flyers
45 Witherspoon’s favorite cups?
46 One who comes slowly
47 Easter flowers
48 Yawning Disney dwarf
50 “Aida” setting
53 Stew veggie
54 Leather strap for a stallion
55 New Age composer John
56 Butch’s part in a choir
57 Ford of old
58 Yves’s “yes”

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