You’re Invited! Come Celebrate Marriage Equality at Sunday’s Expo

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All of us at Between The Lines are totally excited about the Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo at the MotorCity Casino Hotel from noon to 5 p.m. this Sunday, and we are hoping that you will join us for this fabulous celebration of marriage equality.
We see in the mainstream news every day an increased backlash to same-sex marriage equality — bakers refusing to make wedding cakes for same-sex weddings, politicians using us as campaign fodder to bolster their conservative bona fides. It is important for us to keep up the pressure against the forces that want us to disappear from society. But it is even more important for us to recognize our friends, thank them and rally around them as they support us.
There will be more than 110 vendors at the expo this Sunday — bakers, photographers, banquet halls, hotels, cruise lines, travel agencies, caterers, wedding planners, officiants and churches, adoption agencies — all ready and willing to work with LGBT couples to make our celebrations the best possible. These are our friends. These are the companies and business people who value us not just as potential customers but as full celebrants of marriage equality. They are happy for and with us.
All of us have been involved in weddings and the wedding industry, as florists, hairdressers, professional service providers, and of course as members of the family and wedding party. But it is new for us to be the actual principles in our own wedding. Like everyone, we will have our unique family participations in our wedding ceremonies and receptions — some more supportive and involved than others. We have a lot to learn and explore and a lot to offer as we plan our celebrations. The expo gives us the chance to meet and talk with the professionals that do this every day — the ones that know how special we are as couples and to each other.
We are throwing one excellent party Sunday and we invite everyone to join us. There will be lots of food and drinks, live entertainment, three fashion shows including gowns, tuxedos and this year we have added a Honeymoon fashion show with seductive lingerie and underwear. Attendees will have chances to win tens of thousands of dollars worth of amazing prizes including a Caribbean cruise, theater and concert tickets, vacations, jewelry, beauty and health products and more!
Come join us to celebrate marriage equality at the Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo from noon to 5 p.m. this Sunday at the MotorCity Casino Hotel. It’s just $10 to enter and there’s a ton of free parking. Go to for tickets and for more information.
We can’t wait to see you Sunday afternoon!
Jan Stevenson & Susan Horowitz

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