Parting Glances: Let God’s Trumpet Sound!

Charles Alexander
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If little else, Donald J. Trump – who just celebrated his 70th birthday on June 14th – making him fully eligible, and then some, for S.S. benefits – has by inconclusive rhetoric, non-objective facial grimaces, carefree dandruff bleaching, somehow given bigotry a new lease on life for far too many folks.
Increasingly his zealous political wolves in sheep’s clerical collars are also reverently – if somewhat snidely – encouraging their flocks to vent their collective sheep shearings to hate not only the sin but to openly hate the sinner as well.
It’s called speaking out for freedom of religious choice…
Speaking out against same-sex marriage. Speaking out against transgender restroom usage. Speaking out against border crossing immigration. Speaking out against science and evolution. Speaking out against other worldwide, long-established faiths.
Yea, verily! No longer is that time-honored fundamentalist sin/sinner rule of thumb (or, is it rule of middle finger?) tempered by altruism or love.
It’s all out animosity. Dogmatic one-upmanship over everyone and everything not born-again or, quote unquote, “saved”. Hate by any other name.
To use a play on a popular choice of theocratic trash titles these days – something that might be an apt campaign slogan for Donald J (as in porta john) Trump – it’s Kiss Our Left Behind for Jesus!
(The big-bucks series of “Left Behind” potboilers let’s those who are not “washed in the Blood of the Lamb” – estimated by a 2015 GOP, Senate-sponsored, federally funded census to be 6,899,404,089 unsaved persons – know what a Hell on Earth life will be like when Jesus jerks his groupies homeward.)
Simplicity put, it’s turning the other windy cheek for these Left Behinder ministers. As The National Inspirer, a weekly faith tabloid for fundygelicals, sold at 600 tax-exempt megachurches across America (62 in Alabama and Georgia combined), headlines it: HATE SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR JESUS’ SAKE!
“We true believers have the go ahead to choose to activate our hate,” says a Trump birthday National Inspirer front page editorial, accompanied with a truly inspiring photomontage of Revs. Franklin, Robertson, and Falwell (you do remember Jerry, don’t you?), wearing badges announcing, “The Trumpet is sounding!”
“Jesus has admonished us in Luke 14: 26 to rise to the challenge of hate as a visible demonstration of our life-changing, life-challenging way or worship. You don’t have to let your hate get out of hand. A little hate goes a long way. Try it and see.
“For those of fellow Christians who haven’t the courage of their convictions, or who just aren’t sure who to – or, if you’re a Wheaton College grad – whom to hate, please see the accompanying check list provided for your convenience.
“And Please! Before you check and choose, spend some time in prayer. This time around, hate someone special for Jesus. Any true “saved” believer can hate gays, muslims, feminists, hindus, Mexicans, atheists, Hillary Clinton. No big deal.
“Why not hate the whole damned Democratic Party. Yes, it’s a challenge. But our God is a great undertaker for change. Please remember too: November 2016 is being set aside by all Bible true believers as Hate Someone Special for Jesus Month.”

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