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Famous Homophobes

By | 2016-07-14T09:00:00-04:00 July 14th, 2016|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Hazard for Sheehan
5 E with a queer orientation
10 Barely makes, with “out”
14 Inventor Elias
15 “___ you loud and clear!”
16 Stuff stuffed under G-strings
17 Male mating call?
18 Menotti’s middle name
19 “___ put it another way …”
20 Homophobic TV doctor of the ’70s
23 Bloom of “The Producers”
24 Peaks in Peru
25 Words said near crystal balls
26 Eligible for soc. sec.
27 Teakettle sound
28 Env. stuffer
31 Wilde tragedy banned in London
33 Anita, who founded the antigay group Save Our Children
36 Frugal sort
37 “Quills” subject
40 Move stealthily
42 Becomes wife and wife, e.g.
43 Exams on sexual technique?
45 President who called gay people “sick unfortunates”
47 Middle point
49 Mineo of “Rebel Without a Cause”
50 Russian commune
53 Like hard-core porn
54 Tobias pseudonym
57 Former defensive tackle Tuaolo
59 Interjection for Ernst Roehm
60 Pope who decried homosexuality as “intrinsically evil”
63 “Are you up ___?”
65 Michelangelo piece with stones of stone
66 Park of Queens
67 Ron Howard film with Ellen DeGeneres
68 Autobiography of Grace’s roommate?
69 Adolescent affliction
70 Matches a poker bet
71 Elton’s tube
72 They depend on their masters

1 The “T” in T.E. Lawrence
2 Caesar and Antony
3 Lammies, e.g.
4 Britten’s change
5 Commands to attack
6 Sticking point
7 Beginning to come?
8 Places for plaques
9 Some Western homes
10 “The Name of the Rose” writer
11 He played to homophobia to help get Bush reelected in 2004
12 Put on a pedestal
13 Cincinnati gay bar
21 Friendly opening
22 Consenting votes
29 B’way locale
30 Singer Vikki
32 Blades of grass, collectively
33 Cold-cock
34 Born, to Bonheur
35 Some like them hot
37 Ancient Greek gay, perhaps
38 415, in San Francisco
39 He gunned down Harvey Milk
41 Org. that uses ball-washers
44 Belgrade resident
46 Mapa of “Switched at Birth”
48 Go over proofs again
50 Kahlo’s country
51 “Bye Bye Birdie” writer Brecher
52 Makes erect
55 Blown away
56 Mischievous type
58 Stravinsky string, perhaps
61 “To Kill a Mockingbird” character
62 In a lazy way
64 Boob tubes

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