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1 “___ on a Log” (Randy Travis song)
5 The Oscars, e.g.
9 Purple, in an Alice Walker title, e.g.
14 Petty of “A League of Their Own”
15 Vows now legal for all
16 St. Teresa’s town
17 Gilbert, who wrote the novel spelled out in the circles
19 Partners of whistles
20 Author Maugham’s middle name
21 She can “Carey” a tune
22 Mountain top
23 Snow creation
24 “Tales of the City” author Armistead
28 k.d. lang record label
29 “Be prepared” org.
32 Bill T. Jones’ partner Zane
33 Outfit for Richard Simmons
35 Quote as a reference
36 Sailor’s rear
37 Flying fisher
38 Musical featuring Edna Turnblad
40 Joe who played gay in “JFK”
41 Fruit sugar ending
42 Rupert Everett’s “Ready to ___ ”
43 Haul ass
44 Trust in, with “on”
45 Ben Vereen forte
46 Political analyst Maddow
49 Da Vinci signature piece
54 Wife of Portia
55 Leatherwear for the hands
56 Be a ham in “Hamlet”
57 Buffalo’s lake
58 Vichyssoise veggie
59 Like bacon
60 Will of “The Waltons”
61 Biters of Marc Antony’s girlfriend

1 Britten’s beers
2 Publisher of same-sex couples’ legal guide
3 Like a muscle Mary’s waist
4 XXL, e.g.
5 Gay pretender Mel of “What Women Want”
6 “Do” in “The Sound of Music”
7 Senator Trent
8 Grate expectation?
9 Minnelli movie
10 In-your-face
11 “Modern Family” adoptee
12 Chili pot
13 Possible STD symptom
18 “Glee” character Abrams
21 Bugs or Erin
23 Hot-tempered
24 Kind of man in a Village People hit
25 Oral performances
26 Release from bondage
27 Tying-up place
28 Use the Divine Miss M’s name in vain?
29 Explode
30 Cole Porter’s “___ I Kissed My Baby Goodbye”
31 Gave head at home?
33 Be unfaithful to your lover
34 Takes advantage of pupils?
36 Dumbledore might cast one
39 Sondheim’s Todd
40 Like Jeremy Irons in “The Borgias”
43 Closet triangle
44 “Gone with the Wind” guy
45 Gus Van Sant film “___ For”
46 Where a sailor may hit bottom
47 Tennessee Williams’ “Summer and Smoke” heroine
48 Stop bleeding
49 Swampy area
50 Marlene’s “Blue Angel” role
51 Lithographer James
52 Trickle through the cracks
53 Wonders aloud
55 Frat boys tap it

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