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By Romeo San Vicente

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The Rachels McAdams and Weisz might soon be disobedient lovers

Those always-somewhat-mysterious “talks” and “negotiations” are underway to make a big-screen lesbian romance starring some very A-list actresses. That would be Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz, for the record, and if all goes as planned the pair will star in “Disobedience,” the film adaptation of the novel by Naomi Alderman. The story involves a woman (Weisz) who returns to her Orthodox Jewish home when her father dies, then begins an affair with her now-married best friend (McAdams). Acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Sebastian Lelio is on board to direct from a script he co-wrote with Rebecca Lenkiewicz, and production is expected to begin in early 2017. We couldn’t be happier for this development because we need at least one really great lesbian drama each calendar year and there are only so many times we can watch “Carol.” Actually, that’s a lie, because there is no limit to the number of times we can watch “Carol.”

Adam Shankman (and maybe Amy Adams) get re-‘Enchanted’

Remember when you saw “Enchanted”? Remember what a delightful breath of fresh air it seemed in a movie landscape littered with the same old sequels and the first installment of the “Transformers” films? Enough of you probably do remember that moment because you turned the self-aware princess-themed musical into a surprise hit. Well, nine years later the sequel is set to move forward with “Hairspray” director Adam Shankman on board to tell the story of what happened after Disney Princess Giselle’s accidentally live-action happily ever after. Naturally she’ll question her very existence – like you probably do when you spring forth into the real world from an animated universe – turning both universes inside out. One minor detail: Amy Adams hasn’t yet signed on, yet she seems to be willing to listen to reason, stating that she “hope(s) to be involved.” We trust this is code for, “I’m waiting to hear about my salary and merch points.” A proper princess still has to pay the kingdom’s bills, you know.

Alan Cumming bringing life to ‘Dr. Death’

Never underestimate the power of a supporting role. Alan Cumming, a fan favorite on “The Good Wife,” is coming back to TV with a starring role of his own (that he’ll also executive produce). “Dr. Death,” based on the upcoming book of the same name by James Patterson, comes from “Royal Pains” showrunner Michael Rauch, and will place Cumming front and center as a crime-solving genius. The series will focus on a former CIA operative who has returned to civilian life as a professor and writer, only to get brought back into the crime-solving fold when the NYPD needs help tracking a serial killer. In other words, we’re getting a strong “Murder, She Wrote” vibe from this and we can only hope that Cumming will prove half as entertaining as Angela Lansbury was in a similar storyline. In fact, it stands to reason that Jessica Fletcher – still alive and writing mysteries – could easily guest star in a post-cancellation crossover storyline. Another free idea for you, Hollywood. Just put these two Broadway stars together every so often and watch the queer viewers flock to a network television event night.

Do you need ‘Love Is All You Need?’

The online viral short film, “Love is All You Need?,” went so very viral that they decided to fluff it up to feature-length, and now you get to see the extended, detailed version very soon, right back on the internet where it was born. The “Romeo & Juliet” adaptation, set in a world where queer is the norm and hetero is the minority sexual orientation – a female star quarterback falls for a male journalist and all hell breaks loose when they’re outed – caused quite a fan frenzy in its 2011 short version. Now the feature-length story, expanded by filmmaker Kim Rocco Shields, is due to bow on iTunes this Thanksgiving Day. The cast includes Briana Evigan (“Step Up All In”), Tyler Blackburn (“Pretty Little Liars”), Emily Osment (“Young & Hungry”) and Jeremy Sisto (“Six Feet Under”). Will you watch after the Macy Parade and before the Tofurky? No matter when, it’s sure to be more fun than another dull football game.

Romeo San Vicente only wakes up from a football game nap for a Beyonce halftime show.

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