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CoverGirl Boy

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1 Olivier of “Marathon Man”
9 Pose for a Mapplethorpe photo, e.g.
16 Variety store
17 Prop for “I have a headache, honey…”
18 Start of a comment on representing CoverGirl as a gay male, per James Charles
20 Canadian oil company
21 State, to Renee Vivien
22 Word on either bride’s towel
25 Musical based on a John Waters’ film
30 “A Chorus Line” song
31 Muslim faith
34 Troy Perry and others
35 Dastardly deeds
37 Dakar’s nation
40 More of the comment
42 Removes (oneself)
43 Cause of shrinkage for skinny-dippers
45 Guilty or not guilty, to Perry Mason
46 Drags along
47 Early man’s opening
48 AIDS awareness symbol
52 Pt. of DOS
53 Shakespeare’s “anon” updated
54 “Casablanca” role for Ingrid
57 End of the comment
65 Kane, for Orson Welles
66 Pious ejaculation
67 Advocate
68 Filling a crack

1 Non-Judy garland
2 Six in., e.g.
3 AP rival
4 Pink shades
5 Sea eagles
6 Crabs residue
7 Stephen King’s killer canine
8 Meat source Down Under
9 Evita portrayer on stage
10 Dorian Gray creator Wilde
11 Dice markings
12 Curry of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
13 Psychic Geller
14 ___ Tin Tin
15 E. John’s tongue
19 Line of clothing
22 The, to Socrates
23 Lend dignity to
24 Passed up
25 Diced meat
26 Pink Triangle ___
27 Luxury hotel of San Francisco
28 Internet images
29 Big initials in fashion
31 “It’s showtime!”
32 Direction for Rick Rodgers
33 Mauresmo’s do-overs
36 Dangerous emission for Tin Man
37 James VI, e.g.
38 Gallic “she”
39 Moves the head
41 Subj. for John Nash
42 Mo. after March
44 Honey holder
46 Collette of “The Hours”
49 Mazda competitor
50 Makes holes
51 It was good for Stein in Paris
52 “Sorry to say …”
54 Queer spelling of an Alaskan dome
55 Gay tune
56 Leave in the text
57 Rudy Galindo’s milieu
58 They come between la’s do’s
59 Gas additive
60 Science course, for short
61 Break for Heather’s mommies
62 Aye, in Versailles
63 Come out on top
64 Will to Grace, or Grace to Will

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