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One Mississippi

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1 Dick of “Bewitched”
5 NG: Speak like a tough guy
9 Rock-bottom
14 “East of Eden” director Kazan
15 Out partner
16 Cockamamie
17 Writer of the TV series “One Mississippi”
19 Family of Chaz
20 Top, to bottom
21 “Perry Mason” star Raymond
23 NG: Decimal point
24 NG: Get a load of
26 Start of a comment by the mom of 17-Across about her not eating much as a child
28 One of the Elton John tunes that “say so much”
32 The Tin Man’s best friend
33 Mabius of “Ugly Betty”
34 Organ pleasured by Bernstein
36 Family room piece
40 More of the comment
44 Rock-like
45 One ruled by a queen
46 Cicero’s queer
47 Olivia cruiser
50 Emma Peel was one
52 More of the comment
55 Came upon
56 NG: Suffix with profit
57 Historic Stonewall event
59 Michelangelo’s land
64 Penetrate
66 End of the comment
68 TEa of “Spanglish”
69 NG: River to the Caspian Sea
70 Girl who goes both ways?
71 Turns on
72 Sit for Mapplethorpe
73 Stud poker demand

1 NG: Abominable snowman
2 “Brothers & Sisters” producer Ken
3 Fits your first mate’s mast
4 Lucci’s Erica in “All My Children”
5 More like something in the state of Denmark
6 NG: Gardener on screen
7 NG: Balkan dweller
8 Novelist Marcel
9 Words sung by an opera queen
10 Bowie collaborator
11 Network of “Wedding Wars”
12 You might stick it where it doesn’t belong
13 NG:Proctor’s handouts
18 NG: Estimate ending
22 P on Socrates’ paper
25 NG: Actor Richard
27 NG: Wield authority
28 Salty bodies
29 His grandmother had a Woody
30 Spice for your pickle
31 NG: Sharp divide
35 Obstacle, to Shakespeare
37 Zipper problem
38 NG: French 101 verb
39 Peter the Great, for one
41 Oscar nominee for “The Hours”
42 Lions or Tigers or Bears
43 It arouses soldiers in the sack
48 NG: Three on a sundial
49 NG: Support
51 Caesar’s last question
52 NG: Has a hunch
53 O’Connor of _Xena_
54 Halliwell’s partner
58 NG: Dangerous charger
60 Opposite of loads
61 Dotterman’s “Antonia’s ___ ”
62 NG: New Rochelle, N.Y. college
63 Like a meticulous bottom?
65 NG: Put a halt to
67 Vegas opening

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