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Remembering Carol

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1 Dances Like Hines
5 Mary’s Little Pet
9 Come Together
13 Small Singing Bird
14 “The African Queen” Author
15 Actress Adams
16 “Tell ___ The Judge!”
17 Verlaine’s Mother
18 Erotic Opening
19 Seventies Sitcom Starring Florence Henderson
22 Use The Divine Miss M’s Name In Vain?
23 Way Back When
25 B. Bean’s Greatest Hits
26 ’50s Dance
29 ___ Hall University
30 Clearest Of Head
33 Candace Gingrich’s Half-brother
34 He Played Florence Henderson’s Husband On 19-Across
36 Red Skelton’s ___ Kadiddlehopper
38 Family Of Mary, Queen Of Scots
39 He Played Huxtable
41 ASCAP Alternative
42 Mineo Of “Rebel Without A Cause”
45 Gave A Tongue-lashing To
48 “Bear” That’s Not A Bear
50 Group With Step-kids, Like 19-Across
53 Arc On Bernstein’s Music Score
54 Tight-assed
55 It’s For Skin Care
56 Dorothy’s Dog
57 Office Slip
58 “The Children’s ___ ”
59 Blows Away
60 Dance Instructor’s Topic
61 They’re Performing, In “Fame”


1 Wiggle The Nose Like Samantha
2 Poet Rimbaud
3 Paige And Cameron
4 Snooty Types
5 Star Of “Hello, Dalai”?
6 Like Fine Wine
7 Miranda In “The Devil Wears Prada”
8 Bannon’s Brinker
9 French Playwright And Activist
10 Well-versed.
11 He Played A Transsexual In “The World According To Garp”
12 Bloom Of “The Producers”
20 Place Where You Go Straight
21 Us, To Rilke
24 Can. Province
27 “A Room Of ___ Own”
28 Like Boobs That Don’t Sag
30 Hats From Kahlo’s Country
31 Broadway Ticket Souvenir
32 Amsterdam Transport
34 Firm
35 Eleniak Of “Baywatch”
36 Meas. For Dr. Kildare
37 Fellatio, For One?
40 Yokohama Moola
42 Person In The Navy
43 Closet-emptying Cry?
44 Cake Parts
46 Affleck’s “Chasing Amy” Crush
47 Credo
49 Montgomery Clift’s Hometown
51 Edna, For One
52 Lay An Egg
53 Dupont Cir., On The Metro

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