A Nod to the Oldest LGBT-Serving Establishment in Detroit

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DETROIT – In the heart of Midtown is the Woodward Bar and Grill, the most popular gay bar in Detroit as early as 1960. While there weren’t a lot of choices at the time, this establishment was the place of choice for most LGBT people, and for many still is.
Central Michigan University journalism student Jermaine Fields created a video to capture the diverse group of people attracted to the Woodward Bar and Grill, but also to acknowledge that the present “owes” the past for what it has done to make now possible.
“This video expresses differences that are valued by people of the LGBT community but also shows the togetherness that brings them close,” said Fields about his multi-media project made possible with a voiceover by Jeynce Mizrahi, Equality Michigan Transgender Victims’ Advocate.
“The Woodward Bar and Grill has served the urban gay community for many years. It’s a safe space where all generations, old and young, won’t be judged, discriminated, or harassed,” he said. “It’s a place for individuals to have fun, dance, and make memories that will last a lifetime.”
The bar is located at 6426 Woodward Ave. For more information, call 313-872-0166 or visit the establishment on Facebook.

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