EQMI Clarifies Misleading Betsy DeVos Statement

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DETROIT – Equality Michigan’s executive director Stephanie White released an open letter to the public today clarifying a misleading statement made by the organization last week regarding Betsy DeVos.

White’s messages reads:
“Dear Friends,
Last week I sent out a message taking note of Betsy DeVos’ statement that “All kids deserve to be safe and free from discrimination.” Unfortunately, the tone of the message gave many people the impression that EQMI was endorsing her nomination, which is not the case. For the record, Equality Michigan does not, and has never, endorsed Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education. I apologize.
There are many, many reasons to be concerned about the direction the Trump administration will go when it comes to our hard-earned rights, and you can expect Equality Michigan to be fighting hard against any movement backward. If Mrs. DeVos is confirmed, we will work with all of you and our allies across the country to protect the safety and dignity of LGBT students. We know from direct experience here in Michigan just how successful the policies of the Office for Civil Rights have been under the Obama administration. Equality Michigan works with students, parents, and educators who rely on current nondiscrimination policies to keep kids in schools, focused on education, and healthy. These policies have literally saved students lives and we will fight to preserve them.
Thanks to all of you who reached out to me directly and I apologize for the confusing message.”

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