Loathing the Clothing

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1 Caribbean pirate portrayer Johnny
5 Refuse in a foundry
9 Forgo swallowing
13 Earthy color
14 AZT dose
15 Bone in a limp wrist
16 “The Lion King” shouts at Scar
17 Meat that goes in your boxers
18 Take the edge off
19 Start of a playful dig about Kellyanne Conway’s inauguration outfit
22 Like Edna Turnblad
24 Bodies of soldiers
27 More of the dig
32 Wing for Julia Morgan
33 “What Will Mary Say” singer Johnny
34 Moist ending
35 Apple of a sort
37 More of the dig
38 Fruity drinks
39 Like a rain forest
40 Part of GPS (abbr.)
41 Straight, in a bar
42 Word on a Broadway ticket
44 Can’t help but
45 Spring month for Debussy
47 Tin Man’s request
48 More of the dig
54 Chalky white
55 Soft rock
56 Billy of “Cleopatra” (1999)
58 Rubber-stamp
59 Opera queen’s fave, perhaps
60 Suffix with leather
61 Tools for Whitman and Byron
62 Low, for one
63 Where a cobbler puts the tongue

1 Young lady coming out
2 Prefix for system
3 Sticky stuff in Kate McKinnon’s “Ghostbusters”
4 Type of bra
5 Where women might sweat together
6 Composer Boulanger
7 Mounts, to Maria von Trapp
8 Look tickled pink
9 “Valley of the Dolls” author
10 “To thine own self be true” and such
11 Roadside stop
12 Abe Lincoln’s boy
20 Bit from Michael Musto
21 Pink and more
22 Zelda Gilroy portrayer James
23 Law at Beit Simchat Torah
25 Bully’s warning
26 Looks after
28 Worn-out stallions
29 Choose not to come
30 Partners of wherefores
31 Addington Symonds field (abbr.)
36 “Chim Chim Cher-ee” stacks
38 Does Frasier Crane’s job
43 Skin decoration
44 ” ___ Girl Friday” (Cary Grant movie)
46 It dangles on a private
47 Angelina Jolie’s “Changeling” award
48 Bubbles behind the boat
49 Wife of Buck’s Wang
50 One way to have one’s meat
51 _East of Eden_ director Kazan
52 Scout’s recitation
53 “Render therefore ___ Caesar …”
54 Old man
57 Wide size

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