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1 Collette of “United States of Tara”
5 Puts the tongue between the cheeks
9 ” ___ fan tutte”
13 “Ben Hur” or “Spartacus”
14 Red rind contents
15 Sherman Hemsley religious sitcom
16 Unimportant
17 Ward of “Once and Again”
18 Aquarium
19 Gathering for tops and bottoms?
22 Writer Castillo
23 Mapa of “Switched at Birth”
24 Connection with people
28 Marine role of Jim Nabors
32 Be in the hole
33 Stops suckling
36 Kunis of “Black Swan”
37 Country ruled by a dick-tator?
40 One of Grampa Walton’s grandaughters
41 Presbyterian minister Jane
42 Went down on
43 Cul-___
45 Equated
47 Like Albee’s three women
50 Neighbor of Ariz.
51 Computer storage of phallic pictures?
57 Date opening?
58 Mary Richards’ spunk, for example
59 “Charlie’s Angels” role
61 Second fruit eater
62 ” ___ Upon a Mattress”
63 Hairy twin
64 Anna Madrigal’s daughter
65 One who looks into crystal balls
66 Cold-cock

1 Word after pro
2 Source of oil-based lubricants
3 Robert De ___
4 Top of the world
5 Where motorists get off
6 What comes to mind
7 One of the Obama girls
8 Vidal’s “Visit to a ___ Planet”
9 Where the ancients stuck their bones
10 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” guy
11 Tickled pink
12 Like a desk blotter
20 “If I’d only ___!”
21 Ball holder for Patty Sheehan
24 Like Orlando Cruz before a bout
25 Gay-friendly, perhaps
26 Meaning of the homojis that appear in circles
27 Canvas covering
29 City of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”
30 Top
31 Competed at Indy
34 Scott of “Beautiful Thing”
35 The hole she bang, perhaps?
38 Curse from Jeremy Irons in “The Borgias”
39 Dweebish “Family Matters” boy
44 The Batmobile, e.g.
46 Caused to come out
48 HRC’s equal sign, and others
49 “SNL” producer Michaels
51 Word to a dominatrix
52 Bring to naught
53 Trey does his voice on “South Park”
54 Disney’s Mickey and Minnie, e.g.
55 Bear up there
56 Guillermo of “Weeds”
60 Wicks of the WNBA

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