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1 Y.M.C.A., e.g.
5 Type of father Robert Reed played
9 Madea cross-dresser Perry
14 In the pink
15 Greek queen of heaven
16 ___ Cologne
17 First name among lesbian poets
18 Auth. unknown
19 Emulated Neil Patrick Harris
20 Samantha’s husband on “Bewitched”
23 “___ Enchanted Evening”
24 Owl sound
25 He played 20-Across on TV
29 Shakespeare’s Puck, e.g.
32 Like Parminder Nagra’s parents
33 Diana of “Lady Sings the Blues”
34 Lesbian opponent of Wade
35 “Doggone!”
36 Sweetie pie
37 Salty, white stuff from the Greeks
38 B’way hit sign
39 Deli side dish
41 More fruitless
43 Pro follower
44 He played 20-Across in the movie
46 Cabaret singer Edith
47 ” ___ Upon a Mattress”
48 She played Endora, the mother-in-law of 20-Across on TV
54 It may be out on a limb
55 Positive sign
56 Bone shot, often
58 Make easy to swallow
59 “Desire Under the ___ ”
60 Trials and tribulations
61 Great balls of fire
62 Sally Ride’s org.
63 Work your fingers to the bone
1 Mandy Patinkin’s “Evita” role
2 Cheryl of “Charlie’s Angels”
3 Wrist bone
4 Hairy guy’s hide?
5 “Hairspray” scorer Marc
6 Equivalent of two fins
7 Boy who shoots off arrows
8 Group of Greek gods
9 Oolong brewers
10 Cruise in style
11 Guitar of Shakespeare’s day
12 James Dean’s “East of ___ ”
13 Cincinnati team
21 Painter Bonheur
22 Years on end
25 Performed, for Byron
26 Harden
27 PC drive insert
28 Kennel warning
29 Cara of “Fame” fame
30 Norman Bates’ place
31 Jethrene Bodine’s mother
36 Like a suggestive blouse
37 Way out
39 Nothing-but-net sounds, for Sue Wicks
40 “Kinsey” title role portrayer Neeson
41 Williams of “Ugly Betty”
42 Rainbow shape
45 Open discussions
46 Pears or Paige
48 Biters of Marc Antony’s girlfriend
49 Excess supply
50 “You’ve Got Mail” female
51 Earthenware jar
52 The younger Guthrie
53 “Limp Watches” painter
57 Fashion initials

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