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Distinction at the Oscars

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1 “Fame” word that follows performing
5 Disney deer
10 Doctors, doggy-style
14 Geoffrey of _Frida_
15 Cager Shaq
16 Ginsberg’s “Gotcha”
17 “___ hollers, make him pay”
18 Hermaphroditic land animal
19 It brings a tear to the eye
20 Start of one distinction of “Moonlight”
23 Earhart’s domain
24 Jeremy Irons’ domain in “The Borgias”
25 Prefix for the homophobic Right
27 One-time Toyota rival
29 Got the bottom line
31 Gay porn director Rainier
32 Suck the energy from
35 Urgent wants
36 More of the distinction
39 Whitman who sampled Peter Doyle
42 Specialty of Wanda Sykes
43 Fairy story
47 Just make, with “out”
48 “The Lonely Goatherd” singer
50 Comic actor DeLaria
51 Vincente Minnelli’s ” ___ Parade”
53 Person in the Navy
55 End of the distinction
59 Like a Muscle Mary who does sit-ups
61 Martian marking
62 Some actors have big ones
65 Load
66 The way we word
67 “Aida” solo
68 Helpful tip
69 Printer powder
70 Gay Bob, for example


1 Paul Newman role in _Exodus_
2 Orton’s “The ___ on the Stair”
3 Summer tops
4 “Fer ___!”
5 Ralph Waldo Emerson’s hometown
6 Nitpicky about a bit of history?
7 Dry and crumbly
8 Cotton props in “Showboat”
9 “Yeah, right!”
10 Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La ___ Loca”
11 Teach LGBTQ studies, for example
12 Made pink?
13 Army N.C.O.
21 Longtime Dolphins coach Don
22 TEa of “Fun with Dick and Jane”
23 1993 Carole Maso novel
26 Scores with Esera Tuaolo
28 Splinter group
30 Big top, e.g.
32 Manly man
33 Where to look, in “Misty”
34 Drag queen Gene
37 Brief circumcision?
38 Athlete who tries to pin you to the floor
39 On the small side
40 Alias, initially
41 Either of Heather’s two mommies
44 “Fast,” to Leonard Bernstein
45 Gene Wilder in “The Producers”
46 Copland capability
48 “You said it!”
49 Indian author Santha Rama ___
52 Offer an apple to Adam and Steve?
54 Response to “How do you know?”
56 Part of a Texas town’s name
57 ___ instant (like premature ejaculation)
58 Composer John
59 “No whispering!”
60 Island necklace
63 Lubricant
64 Mineo of movies

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