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The Guys, According to Garp

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1 Come together
6 Lorca’s room
10 Change from red to pink
14 Ring around your anus
15 Mabius of “The L Word”
16 Had too many M&M’s, e.g.
17 Metaphysical poet John
18 Fuel in Jamie O’Neill’s country
19 “Get a ___!”
20 Transgender character in “The World According to Garp”
23 Mayberry boy
24 Groups of manhunters
25 Actor who played 20-Across
30 Thinks out loud
31 Magneto portrayer McKellen
32 Mr. Right-now
36 Cathedral areas
37 Start of a quote from 20-Across
38 “As You Like It” woman
39 “Why should ___ you?”
40 Barrett or Chaplin
41 Enola Gay, for one
42 End of the quote
44 Like characters that aren’t straight
48 Skipper’s spot
49 How 20-Across knew the quote was true
54 Staying power, on Broadway
55 Six feet under
56 They hang from utility belts and under them
58 Emulate Jon Barrett
59 “Legally Blonde” character
60 Hank of hair
61 Old Soviet news agency
62 Goes out with
63 Catcher of phallic fish


1 Dipstick word
2 Shakespeare’s Othello, for one
3 In the year, in Caesar’s time
4 Solar protection for Klinger
5 High points at Metropolitan Community Churches
6 Snow White’s dwarfs, e.g.
7 Part of San Francisco’s BART
8 Neeson of “Kinsey”
9 Do more than just consider
10 Tosses in one’s hand
11 Frida’s “farewell”
12 He wrote about two guys living together on an island
13 Utopias
21 Park of Queens
22 On the down ___
25 Songwriter Mitchell
26 Milk-colored stone
27 Where a queen bee rules
28 Margaret Thatcher’s middle name
29 k. d. lang’s “Big Boned ___”
32 Whoopi’s “Ghost” dance partner
33 Jessica of “Dark Angel”
34 Layer under two tiny brides
35 Hearing things?
37 “The Fountainhead” author Rand
38 Toni of “United States of Tara”
40 Pulls out, in “Gone with the Wind”
41 BBC nickname, with “the”
42 Third notes, to Bernstein
43 Straddled harbor of old
44 Place to stop when cruising
45 Courtroom VIP
46 Protection
47 Fantasizes about a hottie
50 Cut
51 Maupin story
52 Coward of “Blithe Spirit”
53 Alternative word
57 CCCP part

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