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1 Chat room request
6 Eat semi-firm noodles, e.g., with “up”
10 Joe.My.God, for one
14 Get a bead on
15 Position at sea
16 Villain of “Otello”
17 “Alexander” director Oliver
18 Cub slugger
19 His grandmother had a Woody
20 Single guys
23 You may pick up one with gaydar
24 By mouth
25 “I took you for that cunning ___ of Venice” (“Othello”)
26 Anthem of Jane Siberry’s land
28 Jannings of old films
30 Bentley of “American Beauty”
31 Edible pocket
33 No zip
37 Motel doorhandle sign
39 Latin homo leader?
42 Screwed up
43 Part of Liberace’s style
44 Topsoils
46 Events at Barneys
48 Sorbonne summer
49 “The Importance of Being ___ ”
51 ACT UP member, at times
53 Designer with book titles at 20- and 37-Across
56 Judy Garland’s “Meet Me ___ Louis”
57 Composer Boulanger
58 “My Fair Lady” composer
61 Cock attachment
62 “Forbidden” perfume
63 One way to mark errors
64 Swimmer you can eat
65 Kind of dunk, to Sue Wicks
66 Beasts with long ears and butts

1 Carrier to Swed.
2 Computer clickers for lesbian porn?
3 They reproduce without sex or adoption
4 “Back to the Future” bully Biff
5 One way to cook fruit
6 They help guys to sing soprano
7 Island glad-hand word
8 Give a loafer a new bottom
9 Steady guy
10 Olympian that go both ways?
11 Veronica of “Sotto, Sotto”
12 Looker in a gay bar?
13 Poke in the backside
21 First aid antiseptic
22 The Brewers, e.g.
23 Woman’s promise to her wife, e.g.
27 GI mail drop
29 Females in fairy tales
32 Big name in razors
34 Masters of farm animals that don’t breed
35 About to blow
36 “Li’l” guy of Dogpatch
37 Like Ian McKellen as Richard III, e.g.
38 Orgasmic rapture, for example
39 Some Whitman works
40 Greek city of old
41 Basket rummy
45 Taxpayer’s ID
47 Reagan Court appointee
50 Fouls, to the Pinball Wizard
52 Princess Diana and Diana Ross
54 Small vessel
55 Napoleon’s exile isle
59 Pee-___ Herman
60 Wood and others

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