Innovative Collaboration Fills Health Care Gap for LGBTQ Community

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Health Emergency Lifeline Programs announced an agreement with Wayne State University and University Physician Group to collaborate with Corktown Health Center.
This new affiliation will bring increased capacity, scale and resources to CHC’s operations.
As Michigan’s first nonprofit medical home dedicated to serving LGBTQ patients and their families, CHC and its affiliates will come together to:
-Design and deliver medical services that address the health needs of LGBTQ persons
-Develop and implement programing designed to mitigate health disparities in the LGBTQ community
-Establish education and clinical training for medical students, residents and other health providers to deliver equitable, effective and patient-centered care for LGBTQ patients
“This important association will leverage the unique strengths of each organization,” said Teresa Roscoe, Chief Operating Officer at HELP/CHC. “It is an opportunity to harness these critical resources to serve the LGBTQ community in a way that’s never been done before.”
Opening in July 2017 in a newly renovated 24,000 square foot facility in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood, CHC will initially provide primary care, integrated behavior health services, comprehensive HIV care and treatment, health insurance navigation and enrollment, and pharmacy services. In close collaboration with community members, CHC will consistently evolve and expand its programs and services.
“Corktown Health Center is important because we need a space where we can talk openly and honestly about sexual health and be affirmed. Providing LGBTQ people with a medical space where they can be themselves will feel like Utopia,” said social worker and community member LaMar Thompson-Hightower.

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