Ann Arbor Woman Takes Fight for Trans Equality to D.C.

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Ann Arbor resident, Emme Zanotti, will join transgender activists and allies from nearly 40 states and territories as they converge on Washington, D.C. for Trans Lobby Day June 8-9. Hosted by the National Center for Transgender Equality, Zanotti (a transwoman) will hear from speakers, experts and political officials in preparing to battle anti-trans bills at the state and federal levels, before meeting with their elected representatives.
An alarming 2015 survey conducted by NCTE found that of the roughly 33,000 transgender
residents in Michigan, 19 percent currently face unemployment and 30 percent are living in poverty. Those numbers compare to only five percent of the general population being unemployed and 14% living in poverty.
Asked why she was attending Transgender Lobby Day, Zanotti said, “It’s beyond critical that the people we’ve elected to represent us know how dire the circumstances can be for their transgender constituents and that any suggested legislation should be to further protect the rights of trans people instead of destroying them. There has been a full on legislative assault of trans people’s rights in recent years, and the basis of it is fear created and perpetuated by misinformation. I’m just trying to do everything in my power to change that.”
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