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Ice Cream Benefits Local Dog Rescues

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July is National Ice Cream month and Michigan’s popular micro-batch creamery Browndog Barlor is celebrating by hosting a fundraiser for local dog rescue organizations on National Ice Cream Day. The fundraiser will take place from 2-6 p.m. on July 16 at both an LGBT-friendly Browndog Barlor locations – Downtown Northville and Downtown Farmington.
Ice cream lovers can get a “free” single scoop of Browndog’s famous small batch ice cream on July 16 with a $2 donation. Offer is good on carry-out ice cream orders only. All donations received on National Ice Cream Day at both Browndog Barlor locations will be donated to two different animal rescues, including Last Day Dog Rescue.
The brain child of owners, Brian Scherle and Paul Gabriel – long-time food lovers and entrepreneurs – Browndog Barlor has become a destination in southeast Michigan, since it first opened their doors in 2015 in Downtown Northville as Browndog Creamery. Scherle and Gabriel’s story has long been intertwined with their love of ice cream and rescue dogs. Their first rescue dog, Stuart, a black Boston Terrier, was the namesake of the Gabriel family’s first shop, Stuart’s of Novi which opened in 2009. This was fine until Flash – a brown Boston Terrier – was adopted and became jealous of his older brother. With a second location in the works in Downtown Northville, there was no other choice for the owners. The new store had to be named after Flash. Through several unsuccessful renditions of names using “Flash,” Scherle and Gabriel had to start thinking differently with the name, and so Browndog Creamery – a micro-creamery specializing in small batch artisan ice cream – was born.
Fast forward a year later. People loved Browndog so much that Scherle and Gabriel needed to find a place to make more ice cream. They searched many places and finally settled into a building in Downtown Farmington. The building was supposed to be a place to make ice cream, store it, and provide a small scoop store in the front. Continuing in typical Browndog-style they acquired a liquor license bringing the dessert bar to reality in 2016. In early 2017, the owners moved in Downtown Northville to a new, larger location on Main Street to allow for their expanded menu which includes savory menu items, plated desserts, a craft cocktails bar with a heavy focus on Michigan- made products such as Michigan craft beers and spirits to create cocktails such as beer floats, dessert martinis. The expanded Downtown Northville location and Downtown Farmington locations continue to be family-friendly where guests can enjoy their favorite uniquely flavored Browndog Creamery small batch ice cream but both also have a more adult feel for those who want to grab a bite to eat and a cocktail. With the tailoring of the menus, the owners rebranded to Browndog Barlor.

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