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Time for Kids

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1 Pool players put their balls here
5 Perils for Patty Sheehan
10 Tubbies’ prefix
14 Sparkle
15 Play too broadly, on Broadway
16 Pious ejaculation
17 First-rate
18 Extreme thespian activity
20 Harold Pinter Theater production of 2011, with “The”
22 “Queer Eye” discernment
23 Bruce or Laura of film
24 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
27 Michael of “Miss Congeniality”
32 Karen portrayer in 20-Across
38 “Xena” deity
39 Capone colleague
40 Muskogee native
41 Author of 20-Across
44 To eat, to Ulrichs
45 Noted Warhol subject
46 Granada greeting
50 Elizabeth Perkins’ “Weeds” role
55 Martha portrayer in 20-Across
59 David Hyde Pierce sitcom role
61 They’re tops on the beach
62 Bear that roams the night
63 Places for quickies, perhaps
64 Canal of New York ferries
65 One with a foamy head
66 Film units
67 Targets of Roy Cohn

1 Fail to keep a poker face
2 “Mr. ___” (Esera Tuaolo nickname)
3 Caesar’s dog
4 Acknowledged a queen
5 Missile shot off by the Air Force
6 “Spamalot” review, perhaps
7 Change the constitution
8 Fem accessory
9 Presbyterian minister Jane
10 Russian singing duo
11 Islamic leader
12 Sportscaster Berman
13 Wm. Shakespeare’s tongue
19 Spiral shell
21 Maria’s “do” equivalent
25 Chloe’s role in “Boys Don’t Cry”
26 Bones partner
28 “Exotica” director Egoyan
29 Chase on the screen
30 Roehm’s refusal
31 Ball in the skull
32 “Charlie’s Angels” role
33 Phallic fishes
34 Lesbos, for one
35 Math degree
36 Gay fries at McDonald’s, e.g.
37 River to the Colorado
38 Porter, but not Cole
42 Vonda Shepard’s “It’s ___ Kiss”
43 Barrie’s lake
47 Kidman’s award for “The Hours”
48 Porn director Chi Chi
49 Ease off
51 An old flame?
52 Short Peter on the screen
53 “Let me repeat …”
54 Boobs or butts
55 “Showboat”‘s “Nobody ___ But Me”
56 “Hot L Baltimore” producer
57 Organic compound
58 Dick Tracy’s girlfriend Trueheart
59 Result of excessive circumcision
60 Land of singer S. O’Connor

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