Rico Pruitt Dishes on Becoming a Porn Star

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Rico Pruitt is new on the adult entertainment scene and is making quite an impression. His debut scene on BlackBoyAddictionz.com broke records in March with the most downloads on the six-year-old website.
Pruitt’s internet fame began while starring in the web series “Living 4 The Weekend,” created and directed by Corey Knott, owner of the HD Productions brand. Pruitt auditioned for “About Him,” produced by Henderson Maddox on Signal 23 Television and landed the role of Justin. His character became so popular, he was offered his own spinoff, “About Justin,” but plans for the show were scrapped when Pruitt and Signal 23 TV disputed over money.
“Playing Justin was fun. I wish I would have finished out the series because I really loved the character. I related a lot to him,” said Pruitt, who was known for a risque outdoor love scene in “About Him” near a dumpster that involved full frontal nudity. The scene was shown exclusively on Signal 23 TV’s website because it was too graphic for YouTube.
Just by looking at his social media accounts, one can see that Pruitt is comfortable with being naked.
“I’m comfortable with my body,” he said. “I think my body is art. I think everyone should feel comfortable in their skin and feel their body is beautiful.”
Pruitt revisited the dumpster scene on BlackBoyAddictionz.com after he was approached by and signed an exclusive one-year agreement with Michael Galletta, owner of the website. Galletta admits online that he is “addicted to black boys and started making my own amateur homemade movies as a way to explore my personal fantasies and share my addiction with others.”
Pruitt was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The self-proclaimed “homebody” took a break from watching Netflix and playing video games to talk briefly with BTL about what he enjoys – and doesn’t enjoy – about his work, how he feels about his image and his hopes for other young gay people trying to find their way in life.

Why BlackBoyAddictionz?
I feel like BlackBoyAddictionz is the perfect brand to work with. They’ve been around for a long time. And I feel it’s great to be with a brand that makes sure their content is exclusively on their site. I’m proud to be signed with them. I want to help take BlackBoyAddictionz to the next level. Not to be too Afrocentric, but I want to show how the black man is strong and powerful and beautiful.

You ventured into the world of adult entertainment, but not without backlash. How do you respond to the haters?
All of this is new to me. I don’t know how to respond to negativity. I really don’t focus too much on what people say. I have too much other stuff going on.

What do you say when people question you about performing without condoms?
I don’t really like the fact that I am at risk but I’m doing my best. I’m taking the precautions needed to make sure that I’m doing what I need to do to remain healthy and stay on the right path and continue doing what I do.

You don’t seem to be fazed by the criticism.
I want to show people that sex is beautiful. I enjoy it. Sex, first of all, is powerful, especially when you have it with one person and you continue having it with that person over and over again. But porn gives you that fantasy, that illusion. I know most of my fans want to have sex with me. I know they fantasize about me. So if I can give them that and they can just see my expressions and see me feeling how I feel and they can just imagine how it would feel if they were there with me…It’s kind of freaky. I want to be that fantasy. I want to be their desire.

Is there anything you don’t like about doing porn?
I don’t like having sex with multiple people and I really don’t like bottoming randomly. I enjoy bottoming for the person I love. But it comes with the territory, I guess. I just don’t like letting too many guys back there. Even though it may look like it – sometimes it does feel good, I won’t lie – I don’t like to have too many guys enter me like that. People think that I’m just a piece of meat. Even though I am selling that fantasy, I am selling sex. But, Beyonce sells sex that way. Nicki Minaj – every entertainer is selling some form of sex through their lyrics, their wardrobe, whatever. I just hate when people feel that I must be a ho, because I’m not. I’m just doing something they do for free and getting paid for it.

What are your aspirations beyond this?
Starting a youth program is something I always wanted to do. I get a ton of messages from kids, like 12 to 18, and they’re just really looking for guidance. I really don’t want them to go down the path and see something that I’m doing and think they can do it. Something that works out for me might not work out for you. Everyone has their own dreams, their own fantasies, their own destinies. I’d like to work with gay youth and for these young men to know who they are in their world and where they are headed in the future. I want them to know there’s more to life. I’ve been on the brink of suicide a couple of times when I was younger and I just want to let them know there’s another way. It’s hard when you feel that nobody understands you or nobody cares.

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