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6 Gay Icons

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1 “I’m not in the ___!”
5 Left to pirates
9 “Rubyfruit Jungle” writer Rita Mae
14 Shakespeare’s Hathaway
15 US citizen
16 The sound of music?
17 One who does it just for the money
19 “___ and tigers and bears…”
20 MLK associate and LGBT advocate
22 Verdi opera
23 Math degree
24 “Till There ___ You”
27 Work unit
29 Cowboy’s job in “The Boys in the Band”
32 Nine inches
36 “Zami” author
39 Star in Perseus
41 Leave open-mouthed
42 Sing part of “The Lonely Goatherd”
43 San Francisco activist
46 Daly of “Judging Amy”
47 Time of frigidity
48 Gay rodeo affirmative
50 One who goes after your honey
51 Jude of “The Talented Mr. Ripley”
54 Bit of dental work
59 Stonewall veteran drag queen
62 On the ocean
65 Type of leather from a reptile
66 Lindsay of “Liz & Dick”
67 Inedible Apple
68 It’s a gas on Broadway
69 Former congressman Barney
70 Like young Abe Lincoln
71 Venus de Milo’s lack


1 Latin dance
2 “___ at time!” (serial monogamy motto)
3 Way to serve your meat
4 Kid’s “tattoo,” for example
5 Eve counterpart on Lesbos
6 Nicky, in “Funny Girl”
7 “The Golden Girls” episode
8 No-tell motel meeting
9 Start of a song from “South Pacific”
10 Totally screw
11 Rene Auberjonois role
12 Come out on top
13 Sixty-nine and others (abbr.)
18 Gardner of mystery
21 “Of ___ I Sing”
24 Long-winded
25 Shakespearean forest
26 Ancient erection
28 One of the Marianas
30 Like a cunning linguist
31 Crotchety sort
32 Sir, in India
33 “Melrose ___ ”
34 “Hollywood Squares” choice
35 PBS science show
37 Motoristis offense, briefly
38 Trust, with “on”
40 Stocking stuffer?
44 “We’re here! We’re queer!” e.g.
45 “Spartacus” director
49 Nice Nellie
52 To no ___ (in vain)
53 Sprinter Rudolph
55 Trump ex
56 Try to put a restraint on
57 One who handles your horse
58 Picks up
59 Jack portrayer Hayes
60 Tug
61 “Six Feet Under” creator Ball
62 TV character from beyond Uranus
63 Rocky top
64 Singing syllable


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