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Old and Dribbling

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1 Simians on Roddy McDowall’s planet
5 Like a woman without a woman
10 Anthropologist Margaret
14 “Pandora’s Box” heroine
15 “Dallas Voice,” for example
16 A lot, maybe
17 “Dancing With the Stars” cohost Andrews
18 Playful swimmer
19 Express the success of a lover’s caress
20 Pro team of 40-Across
23 At once, to the Bard
24 Emulated Kerouac’s “On the Road”
28 With 48-Across, position of 40-Across
31 It takes balls to make them in NFL games
34 Trumpet blast
35 Sea eagles
36 “My Fair Lady” song
38 Butt
39 X-ray unit
40 Oldest player in the WNBA
41 Stonewall Jackson’s country (abbr.)
42 Shoshonean tongue
43 Geneticist’s study
44 Bearing
45 Deal with
47 Dick, for short
48 See 28-Across
49 Lively wit
51 Commuter plane trips
53 College team of 40-Across, briefly
59 Dorothy Gale’s home
62 Not spelled out
63 “Nurse Jackie” portrayer Falco
64 Straddling
65 Place for a G-string
66 Actor Rip
67 Four-posters for foreplay, for some
68 Will and Grace shared one
69 Aspen vehicle


1 They have foamy heads
2 Like a virgin
3 Director Kazan
4 Catches some rays at South Beach
5 Ohno of Geert Blanchart’s sport
6 Pressure to come out of the closet?
7 Makes a pick
8 Drag queen’s application
9 Billy Bean boo-boo
10 Bear, e.g.
11 “The Name of the Rose” author
12 Astronomical altar
13 Pride’s place
21 Stuff for a blow job?
22 Dressed like a judge
25 “Desperate Housewives” star Cross
26 Rubber
27 Supply partner
28 Go over
29 Mounts the soapbox
30 Committed to penetration?
32 Sheila Kuehl’s “The Many Loves of ___ Gillis”
33 Goes either way, at home
36 California has a big one
37 Woolf’s ” ___ Dalloway”
40 Stiff-upper-lip type
44 Minuteman shot them off
46 Ranking suit, or criminals in suits?
48 Fam. docs
50 The bottom line
52 Navel unlikely to collect lint
54 “Zami: A New Spelling of My ___ ”
55 Trojans’ org.
56 Clay Aiken, almost
57 Land of Emma Donoghue
58 Tickle pink
59 British sitcom “Ab ___ ”
60 Did an encore of “Food, Glorious Food”?
61 Member, in slang

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