Talk Show Moments

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1 “Viva, Las Vegas” middle name
5 Pantywaist
10 Loose woman, in the land of Auden
14 She played Glinda in “The Wiz”
15 It arouses two body openings
16 Give some relief
17 Tops cakes
18 Copier refill
19 Tin Woodman’s concern
20 On “The Ellen Show,” DeGeneres accused her of being “not on board with” gay marriage
23 Not in the pink
24 Bear that roams the night
25 All thumbs
28 Spear of Minnesota
30 Fruits for condom demos
32 Femmes ___
36 Beret or beanie
37 In 2010 he hosted a “Big Gay Show”
41 Ref for Woolf
42 Cindy Brady braid
43 They won’t eat your meat
46 Singer Shepard on “Ally McBeal”
50 Like unhappy lovers, maybe
51 How quickly one comes
54 One E of EEC (abbr.)
55 On her show, she joked with Ellen “I could be Lebanese myself”
59 Western wolf
61 Brian of figure skating
62 “Spamalot” writer Eric
63 Que. or Ont.
64 Brandish, as a sword
65 One side of Ed Wood
66 “I’m too ___ for my shirt”
67 Warhol’s range?
68 Gay cable network

1 Cher’s portrayer in “Clueless”
2 Auto maker’s woe
3 “At Swim, Two Boys” writer Jamie
4 Cartoonist who drew Santa
5 Lech of Greek lore
6 “M. Butterfly” actor Jeremy
7 First name in Dick Button’s field
8 Nemesis of Tinkerbell
9 It’s a long story
10 Samantha’s witchy cousin
11 Olivier of stage and film
12 Tammy Baldwin’s party symbol
13 Porter’s “I ___ a Kick Out of You”
21 Type of probe
22 Henry and June’s Anais
26 ’50s talk-show pioneer
27 Meas. for Traci des Jardins
29 Zaire’s cont.
30 Lahr of “The Wizard of Oz”
31 Bangkok continent
33 Key in
34 Early AIDS play
35 Tank contents (abbr.)
37 Versatile vehicle
38 Pen name of Gore Vidal
39 David, who played the bishop in “The Bishop’s Wife”
40 Shine, in some ads
41 Breeder need
44 Way to feel, in a Paul Simon song
45 “___ De-Lovely”
47 Tattooist’s tool
48 Less lively
49 Dahl of Hollywood
51 Sat for Diana Davies
52 “Hello” singer
53 S&M types are bound to use them
56 “The Music Man” setting
57 One of Grampa Walton’s grandaughters
58 Approaching
59 Johnny Mathis disks
60 Nonpornographic raw material

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