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Public Invited to Paint Inclusivity Mural

By |2017-12-06T01:00:53-05:00August 24th, 2017|Ferndale, Neighborhoods|

The Ferndale Arts and Cultural Commission has selected a design by local teen, Heaven Guty of Madison Heights, for this year’s Inclusivity Mural. Each year students are invited to submit a design reflecting their concept of an inclusive culture.
Guty’s mural, entitled “human” was selected this year and the public is invited to come help paint it during the annual Funky Ferndale Art Fair Sept. 22-24 on Nine Mile Road at Woodward.
“Guty’s design shows how we are all the same inside, regardless of outer appearances,” according to Commission President Jason Storms. “Many of the submissions were worthy, but this one really spoke to us with a simple but clear message.”
Guty graduated this year and is looking forward to continuing her arts education. She credits the mentorship of CASA art teacher Jerry Lemenu for creating “a culture of passionate people.”
She feels that the message of inclusivity is inherent in God’s message: “We are made in the image of God, made equally in his worth. We should look at each other void of differences and allow love to have its way.”
The Arts Commission selects an experienced muralist each year to help translate the work to a large scale format that will be practical for the public to paint. This year, Detroit artist Nivek Monet will be assisting with the project. Monet is a full-time high school art teacher in Detroit and has numerous installations throughout the area. His mural at Vanguard is one example of why he was selected. “It’s all about different people of different colors coming together,” said Monet.

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