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In the Nick of Time

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1 Haul ass
5 Chocolate factory vessels
9 School of Marcel Duchamp
13 Poet Broumas
14 Bygone pump name
15 Word after “penis”
16 Closet opening
17 Cover for Adam’s privates
18 It goes before one’s time
19 Nick’s brother who just came out on Twitter
22 Doug Mattis, for one
23 Touched a vampire’s heart, like Buffy
27 Say “there, there” to
30 Egypt and Syr., once
31 Nice buns, for example
35 Prefix with political
36 Woodcarver’s tool
37 Nick’s vocal group
40 You might see a polar bear there
41 Lube brand
42 Hoped for responses to come-ons
43 TV character from beyond Uranus
44 Gene Robinson’s office
46 Hoofing it
48 Queer one, to straights
53 Kids’ TV network where 19-Across made many guest appearances
56 Collette of “The Hours”
59 “I Could ___ Danced All Night”
60 Nathan of “Modern Family”
61 Spread it on your muffin
62 It’s taken over in a coup
63 Forbidden fruit site
64 Part of a hard head
65 Bear necessities
66 Like Easter eggs


1 Bubbly drinks
2 Dracula accessory
3 Socrates’ market
4 Ouija alternative
5 “Zipperless zipper”
6 Cruising
7 Russian ruler of old
8 One dance style of Gregory Hines
9 Messing of the “Will & Grace” reboot
10 Singer DiFranco
11 Burned item
12 “Yes” in the navy
20 Homes for Nigel Finch and Hart Crane?
21 Sorbonne summer
24 Praise for Lammies, e.g.
25 “Straight Outta Compton” rapper
26 Get decent
28 Shrek and others
29 Saw things
31 BBC sitcom
32 Late NASA astronaut Ride
33 Pooh-pooh
34 Just make, with “out”
36 _Guys and Dolls_ co-creator Burrows
38 Imitated Samantha
39 Universal donor
44 “Unhappy” rapper Big ___
45 Little hooters
47 Optional item between meat and bun
49 Sat on one’s bottom
50 Willing and able partner
51 Gift recipient
52 Erect
54 Funny lady Clinton
55 Wolfson of Freedom to Marry
56 Lover that you can’t get over
57 Arena cry, to Lorca
58 Name divider

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