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Alec and Leslie

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1 Like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
8 Sondheim’s Todd
15 “Lisa Ben” to “lesbian”
16 S&M activity
17 “To sum up …”
18 Send to the bottom
19 Change in form
20 Clumsy circumciser?
21 Sheer material for a drag queen
22 Popular vote winner, initially
25 Put out
26 Ani DiFranco’s “Letting the ___ Ring”
29 CEO’s degree
32 Anal stimulation
33 Sign of a Broadway hit
36 It needs oxygen
38 Hole revealed when you moon someone?
40 Regulars at a gay bar
42 Comportment of hairy gay guys?
43 With 49-Across, movie with Leslie Jordan and Alec
44 Sleep (with), to Shakespeare
46 Alec’s character
47 Beloved princess
49 See 43-Across
57 “___ to Watch Over Me”
58 Tinkerbell and others
60 Lou Grant on MTM’s show
61 Gets fired up like lesbians
62 Just Plains folks
63 Prick stimulators

1 Hurt, like a Broadway Auntie?
2 Caligula’s year
3 Social group
4 All shook up
5 Stage name for Leslie’s character
6 Way to have one’s meat
7 Mouth-to-mouth pro
8 Lander at JFK, once
9 ” ___ Afraid of Virginia Woolf”
10 Leslie’s character
11 Gore Vidal novel
12 Dorothy, to Em
13 Pulled the plug on
14 Role for Bela
22 Bottom line
23 Letters on an LP
24 Bears’ home, briefly
27 Property claim
28 Fairy tale start
29 Alec of this puzzle’s theme
30 Theodore Cleaver, to Wally
31 Michelangelo’s painting and sculpture
33 Direction from Stephen Pyles
34 Diggs play about leased digs
35 Blowout
37 Bruin Bobby
39 Parseghian of Notre Dame fame
41 Some pitches, in Billy Bean’s sport
42 Work perk
45 Swerve, at sea
47 Kevin Bacon movie of the ’80s
48 “Lesbians ignite!” e.g.
49 Ingredient in highballs
50 Sharif “Funny Girl”
51 Silence for Bernstein
52 “She ___ Him Wrong” (Mae West film)
53 Emily in “Butterfield 8”
54 “The Bell” author Murdoch
55 “Nick at ___ ”
56 Will of _The Waltons_
57 Debussy’s dry
59 ’60s draft org.

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