Five Signs Your Cat Isn’t Happy and Healthy

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September is Happy Healthy Cat Month which begs the question, “Is your cat really happy and healthy?” Ask.Vet, a “virtual urgent care” service, has compiled five signs to figure out if your cat is happy and healthy.
1. Using the bathroom in inappropriate places.
If your cat isn’t consistently using her litter box, it’s a sign that she’s not stable in her routine and that could point to discontent or bad health.
2. Dropping food while eating.
If your cat drops food from her mouth frequently, it’s a sign something is wrong. Just like humans, eating should be a pleasure for your kitty.
3. Losing weight.
Irregularities in weight gain point to kitty discontent or sickness. Other signs include increased meowing and decreased appetite – your kitty is letting you know with her actions that something’s up.
4. Decreasing urination
It doesn’t just matter where your cat uses the bathroom, but also how frequently he uses it. If your cat isn’t urinating as much, he’s probably not hydrating effectively. Watch out for this sign of instability, especially if your cat is male.
5. Ceasing to groom
Is your cat’s coat rough or greasy? That means she stopped grooming herself. Since cats usually spend half their waking hours grooming, this is a major sign something is out of whack.
Ask.Vet is helping pet owners save thousands of dollars in unnecessary vet expenses – and to keep their cats happy and healthy – by allowing pet owners to text licensed vets for answers to medically-related questions they have about their pets. Ask.Vet says 80 percent of pet owners concerns don’t actually merit a vet visit. For more information or to sign up to text a veterinarian, visit

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