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1 Come quickly
5 “Mamma Mia!” band
9 With mouth wide open
13 Nevada neighbor
14 Get dirty
15 Cold-cock
16 “Bastard out of Carolina” author
19 Oz city shades
20 Prudential alternative
21 Bridal bio word
22 Boot attachment for Jack Twist
23 Bottomless
26 Boat for Gomer?
29 The number of people who like it hot
32 Halliwell’s partner
34 Neeson of “Kinsey”
36 Neighbor of Kan.
37 “Love, Zena Beth” author
40 Frat boys tap it
41 There is nothing like one in “South Pacific”
42 Item from Ted Casablanca
43 Mapa of “Switched at Birth”
45 MGM cofounder
47 Decent chap
48 Ellen, for one
50 Sixth word of Abe’s address
52 Words of compassion
54 Like the number of an LGBT hotline
59 “Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters With the Right Taught Me About Sex, God, and Fury” author
61 Locale of valuable stones
62 “The African Queen” author
63 On ___ with
64 Poet Gidlow
65 Hairy Wall Street pessimist?
66 Pro follower

1 Aerosmith’s “___ (Looks Like a Lady)”
2 “Exotica” director Egoyan
3 Internally pink
4 “Our Town” writer Wilder
5 Judd of “Frida”
6 “Gay Priest” author Malcolm
7 Antigay prejudice, e.g.
8 “I Could Have Danced ___ Night”
9 Foucault’s farewells
10 Ted Allen, for example
11 “8 Women” director Francois
12 Rowlands of “An Early Frost”
17 ___ kwon do
18 Race unit
22 Navratilova, for one
23 Drink of Nureyev’s land
24 Plath poetry collection
25 Some Broadway employees
27 You must remember this
28 ___ Coyote
30 “Chicago” producer Neil
31 “Your Movie Sucks” author Roger
33 Composer Rorem
35 Mardi Gras mo., often
38 Highsmith title condiment
39 Contest for sweaty guys
44 Eye bank donation
46 Karen of “Will & Grace”
49 Cruising locale
51 Shine, in ad-speak
52 “Spamalot” writer Eric
53 Unresponsive to a come-on
54 Buster Brown’s bulldog
55 Top draft level
56 Talk show cohost Kelly
57 Coup target, to Cocteau
58 Pound of verse
60 Queen in “Romeo and Juliet”

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