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Disney Princesses

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1 Opponent of Caesar
5 Fruit container
10 Note to Tammy Baldwin’s staff
14 Old Hebrew month
15 They reveal a drag queen’s thighs
16 Star quality
17 Native American princess
19 Lacking manners
20 “Eeew!”
21 Word after search
22 Vows now legal for all
23 Bone just over a foot
25 Give the once-over
26 By ___ of (owing to)
27 Ukrainian seaport
29 “Wheel of Fortune” name
30 Site of valuable stones
31 Much ado about nothing
36 Long-snouted fish
37 Princess with 7 short friends
40 “Chicago” director Marshall
43 It protects one of your balls
44 Word after sotto or viva
48 Mary Bonauto’s shingle words
50 Britten’s “Billy Budd” and others
52 Friends’ pronoun
53 Exited the closet, with “out”
57 Ill-chosen
58 “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” no-no
59 Color in the rainbow flag
61 Contemptible one
62 Karen Carpenter, for one
63 Princess with a glass slipper
65 Glenn Burke, formerly
66 Thompson of “SNL”
67 Mike Brady portrayer Robert
68 Scotch partner
69 Log Cabin list, e.g.
70 Early movie dog

1 Where Tammy Baldwin works
2 Green fruit
3 Made Elmo giggle
4 Breeder need
5 “Get your rear in gear!”
6 Where boxers are visible
7 Playful trick
8 Frog-loving princess
9 City of Magnus Hirschfeld’s land
10 “Brave” princess
11 Giving the slip to
12 “Erotica” singer
13 Like no-tell motels
18 Dame of the piano
24 Treats as a sexual object
28 “Hey, sailor!”
29 Winery container
32 Get behind
33 Night stalker
34 F-word start, for Socrates?
35 Italian beach resort
38 “Orange Is the ___ Black”
39 Steven’s opening
40 Wickerwork materials
41 Shakespeare’s jealous Moor
42 Too full for a Nick Malgieri pastry, e.g.
45 Magic 8 Balls, e.g.
46 “Romeo and Juliet” clan
47 “CHiPs” costar Erik
49 Princess aroused by a kiss
51 Docking site
53 Male equipment
54 Princess with fins
55 Unexpected help
56 Stop with
60 Drag queen ___ Pool
64 The Gay ’90s, for one

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