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Suzanne Summarizes

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1 A shade of the color purple
5 What comes out of your head
10 Abercrombie & Fitch event
14 Attack with wrecking balls
15 Queer activist Murphy
16 A doctor makes you strip for it
17 Something the nose knows
18 Sample some buns, e.g.
19 Mounts, to Maria von Trapp
20 Suzanne’s nickname on “Orange Is the New Black”
23 Not getting enough credit
26 Place for pinballs
30 “Designing Women” actress Annie
31 Queen in “Romeo and Juliet”
34 Like cornstalks that bear
35 “Star Trek” counselor Deanna
36 Shore of Palm Springs
38 Mulan’s male personna
39 Start of a quote by Suzanne about autoeroticism, perhaps
42 Spring month for Vivien
43 Ferrera of “Ugly Betty”
44 Title for Laurence Olivier
45 Come out in the long run
47 Head job?
48 Metal waste
50 Nurse in a bar
52 Pitching stat
53 End of the quote
60 The Queen Elizabeth, for one
61 Number of sides to a gay symbol
62 Suffix with beef or fruit
64 Wilde land
65 “King Lear” daughter
66 Took a bough?
67 2000 Ian flick
68 Kelly Clarkson and Will Young, e.g.
69 Box tops

1 Solidly behind
2 Young chap
3 Actress ___ Aduba, who plays 20-Across
4 Pal of Romeo
5 Where to see Tom, Dick, or Harry
6 Star of “There’s Something About Mary”
7 Stephen McCauley’s “The ___ Way Out”
8 It comes before date?
9 “So long!”
10 Albee Pulitzer Prize work
11 Guns N’ Roses frontman Rose
12 ___ dance (stripper’s offering)
13 Printers’ measures
21 Workers under Dr. Torres
22 Palindromic preposition
23 Working hours
24 Role for Anthony or Freddie
25 Stone-faced
27 Like a melody, to Bernstein
28 Sandy of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”
29 They can cut leaves of grass
31 Worked one’s shaft
32 “Hedwig and the ___ Inch”
33 Count contemporary of Ethel Waters
36 Soft in the head
37 Word after post or ad
40 Lacking life
41 Moraga’s mother
46 Frequent grand slam title of Billie Jean King
49 One who may act up
51 Dish name
52 Makes straight
53 Passing fancy
54 Put in a position?
55 Where you stack wood or spank a fanny
56 Therefore
57 Ginsberg’s “In Back of the ___”
58 Ankle-length skirt
59 Just managed, with “out”
60 Safe follower
63 Some staffers at The Advocate (abbr.)

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