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Kurt Response

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1 Put out a feeler
5 Opposite of loads
9 They’re sucked, in insults
14 Reed in a Ned Rorem work
15 Dick, for one
16 Show penitence
17 Somewhat unconventional gay teenager Ian in 55-Across
19 Transsexual Richards
20 Hans Christian of fairy tales
21 Chris, who plays 47-Across
22 Help reelect Tammy Baldwin, e.g.
23 Become wearisome
24 Silky undies material
27 Shackled
31 Meadow moms
32 Milk container
34 Scandalous suffix
35 Actor who plays Ian and described him as the “anti-Kurt”
38 Cooking meas.
39 Keyboardists finger them
40 Circumcision, e.g.
41 Near future
43 Karen does this on Jack on “Will and Grace”
44 Some of Sappho’s vowels
45 Stick it in a tough guy
47 Somewhat stereotypical gay teenager Kurt in “Glee”
50 Former Arizona legislator
54 Rehoboth Beach setting
55 Showtime comedy-drama set in Chicago
56 “The Pink Panther” director Edwards
57 Hatcher of “Desperate Housewives”
58 Iroquoian tongue
59 Rock Hudson’s “Gun Fury,” for one
60 Plaything for a kitten
61 Somewhat like Christina Crawford’s mommie


1 It covered Caesar’s Johnson
2 Abba not of “Mamma Mia!”
3 “Gone,” at an auction
4 Put on “Logo,” for example
5 Drama queen’s emotion, perhaps
6 California border lake
7 Baldwin’s “The ___ Corner”
8 Article of Rainer Maria Rilke
9 Dorothy Allison’s :Bastard out of ___ ”
10 Titular tenor of Verdi
11 Eastern, to the Washington Mystics (abbr.)
12 Trick joint, maybe
13 Prefix with sucker
18 “East of Eden” son
21 Church laws, to Bishop Gene Robinson
23 Spike used to climb ev’ry mountain
24 Factions that sound like fornicating?
25 Up to one’s butt (in)
26 Beat, to Barber
27 Spin doctor
28 Like a rare game, in Glenn Burke’s sport
29 Tickle pink
30 Ophelia and Hamlet or Claire
32 Place for stallions
33 One of the thanes in “Macbeth”
36 More like something in the state of Denmark
37 Got down on one’s knees
42 “The Bird Cage,” to “La Cage aux Folles”
43 Emulate Greg Louganis
45 Rocker Ringo
46 Leave no escape for
47 Judy Garland concert persona
48 NCAA home of the Bruins
49 Sexual partners, to the insensitive
50 Where the Mets once waved their sticks
51 Mother of 50 million Frenchmen
52 Mishima’s continent
53 River of the country of the Singing Nun
55 Filthy digs

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