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A Different Perspective

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1 “Chicago” director Marshall et al.
5 Top of St. Peter’s
11 Flirts with, with “on”
15 Etheridge’s “I’m the ___ One”
16 Beat up on
17 Taking care of business
18 “I don’t celebrate ___ …”
21 Fruitless
22 High point in church construction?
23 Some like it hot
24 Where a trolley goes “Clang, clang, clang”
27 Stuck your nose in
28 AARP members
29 Condom, in slang
32 Mag. execs
33 Skater who is the source of the quote in this puzzle
35 Feeds, in a sty
37 Labia, e.g.
40 Climax at the end of an action film
41 “Oz” setting
45 Continental coins
47 Former Minnesota governor Carlson
48 Like cardboard glasses at a movie
50 Singer Lovich
51 Start of a “Hollywood Squares” win
52 “… so why should I celebrate ___?”
54 [Not my error]
55 Greeting to Maria
56 B&O and Reading
57 Charlottesville sch.
58 Uey from WSW
59 Autobiography of 33-Across
64 Become an open pansy, e.g.
65 Locale of valuable stones
66 Stars that shoot off
67 Elroy Jetson stroked him
68 Goes out with
69 Shoots off


1 Men with steel rods
2 A fan of
3 Venetian assembly
4 Where priests come together
5 Sounds of Scarecrow’s foes
6 Herald
7 Pitchfork-shaped letter
8 Morsel for a mare
9 Stays in the closet, say
10 Loads
11 Score for Billy Bean
12 Where little Jack Horner stuck it
13 Used hoes
14 High-spirited horses
19 What you use to tie a man up?
20 Cold-blooded one
25 Alice portrayer on “The Brady Bunch”
26 Frigid
30 Post-lovemaking sighs
31 WWI troop group
33 “No way” man?
34 Julia of “Kiss of the Spider Woman”
35 Loses an erection
36 Robert Goulet role on Broadway
38 Can some tomatoes, e.g.
39 Acquired family member
40 Red grape variety
41 Tools for Michelangelo
42 East end?
43 Stocking stuffer?
44 Billy Bean’s food group?
46 Pulls out, in “Gone with the Wind”
48 School year division
49 Jones with a locker
52 Relief that rhymes with “homo”
53 Open-mouthed responses
60 Nero’s heart
61 Foot fetish digit
62 Verse on a vase
63 Caveman of comics

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