A look at candidates for statewide office

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Democrats finished nominating their candidates Sunday, a day after Republicans nominated candidates for statewide office. All races are for two seats except for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and attorney general.


* Governor: Jennifer Granholm (i)
* Lieutenant Governor: John Cherry (i)
* Secretary of State: Carmella Sabaugh
* Attorney General: Amos Williams
* Supreme Court: Michael Cavanagh (i), Jane Beckering
* State Board of Education: Reggie Turner (i), Cassandra Ulbrich
* Wayne State Board of Governors: Eugene Driker (i), Debbie Dingell
* Michigan State University Trustee: Faylene Owen, George Perles
* University of Michigan Board of Regents: Katherine White (i), Julia Darlow


* Governor: Dick DeVos
* Lieutenant Governor: Ruth Johnson
* Secretary of State: Terri Lynn Land (i)
* Attorney General: Mike Cox (i)
* Supreme Court: Maura Corrigan (i), Marc Shulman
* State Board of Education: Eileen Weiser (i), Tom McMillin
* Wayne State Board of Governors: John Akouri, Andrew McLemore
* Michigan State University Trustee: Dee Cook (i), David Porteous (i)
* University of Michigan Board of Regents: David Brandon (i), Susan Brown

Source: Associated Press research

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