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A Sad Day in Hollywood

By |2019-06-05T15:36:30-04:00June 5th, 2019|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Streisand’s “Prince of ___ ”
6 Ventimiglia of “This Is Us”
10 Smurf patriarch
14 South Beach setting
15 Top Norse deity
16 Figure skater Rippon
17 “Calamity Jane” song that became an LGBT anthem
19 Jam holders
20 Web site concerned with HIV
21 Butler’s “___ for Strings”
23 F, in the orchestra pit
24 Bowling units
25 Caesar’s body
29 ” ___ mia!”
30 What S&M people are as smart as?
31 Setting for “The Lion King”
35 Boat bottom
36 Run over the edge
37 Regressive diva?
38 “Sound of Music” song
40 Word from Bruce Weber, perhaps
41 Get on the soapbox
42 Took it all off
43 Erections of small-handed Trump
45 Fooling around
46 “___ touch!”
47 Tape-recorder adjunct
52 Culture Club’s “___ Miracle”
53 Frequent costar with Doris Day
55 Work your fingers to the bone
56 Helm location
57 Hersey’s “A Bell For ___ ”
58 Star journey for George Takei
59 You might wear them on your knees
60 Pluck ’em

1 Pleasure oneself, with “off”
2 Thespian rapper
3 South Beach building style
4 He shot off at O.K. Corral
5 Come from behind
6 Like old bread, perhaps
7 They come before kissing
8 Tyler of “Lord of the Rings”
9 Like a Las Vegas bandit
10 1957 Doris Day film, with “The”
11 “Lesbians ignite!” e.g.
12 City Porter loved in song
13 Schoolyard retort
18 Neckwear
22 Rhett Butler’s final word
24 Amounts left on nightstands
25 Suffix with beef or fruit
26 Got a little behind
27 South Korea’s first president
28 1959 Doris Day film with 53-Across
29 Edwin of Reagan’s Cabinet
31 Narrow openings
32 Like McKellen’s Magneto
33 Q to a Scrabble player
34 Fingered
36 Seduction of a hairy gay guy?
39 Singer with wings
40 Homoerotic, e.g.
42 Word on a door
43 Aristotle, to Alexander the Great
44 Clark of fashion
45 Pretends to have an orgasm
46 Fly catcher
47 Reproduced nonheterosexually?
48 Swirl around three men in a tub
49 Russian ruler of yore
50 The sound of music
51 Mireille of “The Killing”
54 Plug extension















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