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“Every dog has its day; every diva needs her gay,” Margaret Cho says during her new reality show. No kidding.
There’s no denying female comedians love us, and sometimes treat us like we’re a brand. Kathy Griffin calls us her “gays,” and now Margaret Cho – on her return to TV with “The Cho Show” – is referring to her poofs as “The Glam Squad,” the team that makes her look all pretty.
Gay is in, especially when it comes to comedy, and Cho’s got the dedicated queer following, so it only seems more appropriate that she is to give her a second go at television. Even after 1994’s “All-American Girl,” which many thought was crappier than an unemptied litter box (I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say this is when I became a Cho Gay).
On the VH1 seven-episode series, beginning 11 p.m. Aug. 21, Cho’s crew – including her “Glam Squad,” her teeny-tiny assistant (Selene Luna) and, best of all, her Korean parents – join her on journeys that could easily work themselves into her stand-up, and probably will: She goes for anal bleaching, tries to record a hit single and has her mother hold a breast implant. Unfortunately, the pilot’s got none of that.
During it, Cho, who ‘fesses to feeling shunned by her native community, tries to decide if she should accept a Korean of the Year award. For advice, she looks to her parents, who urge her to do so, her “comedy babies” (Bobby Lee of MadTV and Nick Swardson of “Reno 911”) and a spiritual advisor. Funny zingers here and there – like teasing her mother about tattoos and, of course, mimicking her as-thick-as-rubber accent – help keep the momentum rolling, and her parents (especially her ma) are as star-worthy as she is.
But the “The Cho Show” is just so-so. It all feels recycled (doesn’t “My Life on the D-List” already cast her mom, her gays, her assistants?), and it’s all pretty light and frothy – at least for a program where the star’s tongue is as slippery as a lubed-up willy.

‘The Cho Show’
11 p.m. Aug. 21

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