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Just to be saved by the beefy Batman, Travis de Jonk would do anything to piss off the Joker. Being in the mountainous arms of a tight-costumed superhero is his fantasy – one of several the 28-year-old and Ross Brownsdon, 36, bring to life in their sexy, mind-trippy photographs. Via e-mail, the Australian duo discusses the dreamy process, their steamy calendar, available at http://badbehaviourpublishing.com, and exploring their dirty desires. Through art, of course.

Where does the inspiration for your fetish art come from?
de Jonk: They are fantasies that we have always had. Initially, they can come from our own personal sexual fantasies but, as artists, they become intellectual and operate on a higher level.

These pieces look very time-consuming. What’s the process like?
Brownsdon: There is a lot of planning and preparation in producing one image. It starts with the idea and sketching it onto paper, trying to figure out the best poses and composition. Then we list all the props/wardrobe and backgrounds/location, the type of lighting set-up and, finally, the most suitable model for the job. After that, we schedule a shoot date and psyche ourselves up toward the day to capture our vision as close as we can. I find if you have a concrete idea to work with from the start, and the models have been prepared for the shoot, it doesn’t take that long.

What are both of your deepest fantasies, and have you translated those into pieces of art yet?
de Jonk: With each piece we do, we delve deeper inside ourselves to find those desires and make them a reality. In the next calendar for 2009, you will see work that uses a higher caliber of model with concepts that push the boundaries even further and sometimes even challenge us at the same time.

Of all the fetishes and fantasies you’ve shot, which would you most want to come true?
de Jonk: I like uniforms and, in particular, I have a superhero fantasy – so (it) definitely would be the ‘Batman’ image. That’s probably why I pushed to have a really raunchy, gay superhero image for the next calendar.
Brownsdon: The street hooligans fantasy. I love rough trade, but especially the idea of young skinhead punks in group scenarios.

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