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1 GLAAD fundraiser, e.g.
5 Market bear’s fear
10 Alternative to “Go straight”
14 A shade of the color purple
15 Skater Sonja
16 Langston Hughes was born here
17 Like vanilla sex
18 Including everything
19 S&M response
20 Start of a quote from 62-Across by a swell movie character
23 Un-American idol
24 Mauresmo may win in straight ones
25 Duet partner for Tony Bennett
28 AIDS activist Elizabeth
32 Lyon king
33 Diana, to the Greeks
37 Gershwin of “Of Thee I Sing”
38 Shaft output
40 Aunt in a Disney film
41 Peter the Great, for example
42 End of the quote
47 GayBFF and others
48 Carrie’s “Star Wars” role
49 Convertible for a bottom?
52 Harvey, in “Torch Song Trilogy”
56 “Guys and Dolls” co-creator Burrows
57 Like clothing that’s hung
61 Nectar inspector
62 Movie about a pregnant teenager
64 With 65-Across, actress who played the pregnant teenager
65 See 64-Across
66 Dating from
67 Terse summons
68 Barbra’s _Funny Girl_ guy
69 AIDS flick “Under ___ ”
70 Strait-laced
71 42-Across is a play on an expression using this word

1 Fam. docs
2 What little things mean, in a Cher song
3 Rife with vegetation
4 One that reproduces without sex or adoption
5 Zadan/Meron musical
6 Kidney-related
7 About Uranus?
8 Places to set geraniums
9 Protection for the heads for tight ends
10 Object of a foot fetish
11 “No way!”
12 “Aida” lyricist Tim
13 Type of drama in the land of Samurai
21 Cristina of “Grey’s Anatomy”
22 Some vowels of Sappho
25 Ray who gets the meat to you fast
26 Nickelodeon explorer
27 In ___ of
29 Sally portrayer of “Cabaret”
30 Type of stimulation
31 Pink on the inside
34 Cubby holes?
35 Some forensic evidence
36 Suffolk, to Shakespeare
39 9 inches, e.g.
41 Conceptual artist Gaye
43 Apple that isn’t a fruit
44 Rule despotically
45 Long in the past
46 Lean and sinewy
49 Indian head
50 Manhandle
51 Type of salami hung in a deli
53 Gay-friendlier prez than what we got
54 No longer jail bait
55 Handle on a tractor?
58 Line from “Rent”?
59 Guilty, to Perry Mason
60 GI Jane portrayer
63 Frequently, to Shakespeare
65 Honey holder


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