AFA readies attack on rights in Dearborn Heights

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman

DEARBORN HEIGHTS – The Midland-based American Family Association, a leading anti-gay industry organization, is planning to start a ballot proposal to repeal pro-LGBT rights protections passed by Dearborn Heights City Council earlier this month, according to the Triangle Foundation.
Triangle Director of Policy Sean Kosofsky said he heard of the move when he was contacted by a reporter from the Dearborn Press and Guide, who told Kosofsky that he had first been contacted by representatives of the AFA.
“We’re not surprised that [AFA of Michigan President] Gary Glenn would launch another anti-gay smear campaign in Dearborn Heights,” said Kosofsky. “He’s an outsider from Midland trying to bully the voters of Dearborn Heights into supporting discrimination. Democratically elected city leaders unanimously supported this legislation, and they reflect the values of their community. Where does Gary Glenn get off telling people in Dearborn Heights what to do?”
Triangle Foundation is soliciting donations and volunteers to help defeat the AFA’s petition drive. To donate, visit Triangle’s Web site at To volunteer, contact Sean Kosofsky at [email protected] or call 313-537-3323, ext. 105.

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