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I give up. You win.
I’d never really considered becoming a blogger, but wiser minds, I guess, convinced me otherwise. So effective this past week I joined the exciting world of blogging.
The big question, of course, is this: Does anybody really care? Or better yet: Will anyone read it?
I hope so, actually – otherwise I’m wasting a whole lot of time and effort. But since so many people both inside the theater community and out have asked me why I’m not blogging – and then encouraged me to start doing so – that I figured there must be SOME interest in what I have to say about Michigan theater beyond the words that appear each week in this newspaper.
And so I’ve started saying it – in my blog, several times a week.
What you WON’T find there are reviews – not even sneak peeks. Or interviews. Instead, I’ll reflect on all of my OTHER experiences in covering Michigan’s vibrant theater scene – from its people, to its patrons and everything in-between. And since I love taking the pulse of the community every now and then, I might even conduct a poll or two.
But that’s not all. Readers of my blog are also encouraged to comment on MY ramblings, which should make this a very interesting experience.
So please check out my blog. And if you find it informative, stimulating, occasionally controversial or just plain entertaining, I hope you’ll return to it again and again.
After all, what’s the point of becoming a blogger if no one is going to read my blog?
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