An open letter to HRC

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Dear HRC: I waited. I waited until the anger and the hurt was past. I waited until the full descriptions of how and why had been said. I remembered. I remembered sitting in the audience at Southern Comfort Conference while Joe Solmonese pledged that no ENDA would be passed without transgender inclusion. I remembered how wonderful it felt to be back in the graces of the Gay Lesbian and Bi communities. I remembered that my gay, lesbian and bi friends provide some of the best support that I can get. I remembered what it meant to be excluded from the gender-straight world and the gay community for so many years. I remembered the offenses I’ve been subjected to because my core gender dosen’t match my natal gender. Then I remembered what it meant to have my workplace transform into acceptance of trans because of the HRC monitoring. One very good act.
I pondered. I pondered what it means to be led by lies. I pondered the “spin” explanation that HRC offered after it offended so heavily. I pondered what it meant to be left out of so many decisions over the years. Now I’ve decided. I cannot accept your lies. I cannot accept being left out again, and again, and again by the leaders I’ve trusted to include me. I cannot support you while you cannot support me. Your first instinct betrayed your intent. I’m so very injured by your lack of support. Joe Solmonese, you will pay for your lies with a small death of the soul like all liars do. The transgender HRC board members have resigned. Why should the good pay for the actions of the bad? Joe Solmonese, I’m calling for your immediate resignation.
{ITAL Thora Lars
Transgender HRC member
Royal Oak}

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