Anti-Bush tour rocks Ann Arbor

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By Eartha Melzer

Ann Arbor – Around 1200 people filled the Power Center at the University of Michigan campus to hear Michael Moore speak Sunday as part of the tour for his new book “Dude, Where’s My County?”
Billed as an “administration ending” book, “Dude, Where’s My County?” has drawn record crowds at every stop of the book tour.
Moore’s last book, “Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation” was on the New York Times bestseller list a record number of weeks and was the best selling non-fiction book of 2003. When his documentary “Bowling for Columbine” won an academy award this Spring, Moore used his acceptance speech to blast Bush for getting the U.S. into a “fictious war” for “fictious reasons.”
Now Michael Moore is saying that the single most important thing the American people can do is get rid of George W. Bush and his administration.
Moore opened his talk by sarcastically describing the conservative’s push for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman. He challenged audience members to come up with creative ways to celebrate Marriage Protection Week.
One chapter in “Dude, Where’s My Country” deals with how to talk to your conservative brother-in-law.
“Conservatives care about money and about themselves,” Moore told the Ann Arbor audience, “So frame the issues that way, explain that providing health care and day care to employees will actually cause them to be more productive and to make you, the boss, more money.”
When questioned about his opinions on the presidential candidates Moore expressed concern that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, while great on most all issues, is weak on a woman’s right to choose abortion.
“Kucinich always says, ‘I am personally opposed to abortion but I would enact no laws to limit a woman’s right to choose’.” said Moore
“How would we feel about a candidate who said ‘I am personally against inter-racial marriage but I’ll enact no laws against it.’?
“Why are we willing to accept this?” asked Moore, “Kucinich is never personally going to be pregnant; he is never personally going to have an abortion, so he can personally shut the fuck up!”
For this bold pro-choice statement Moore received a standing ovation.
Asked about his enthusiasm for Wesley Clark’s presidential bid Moore said that while he is eager to see Bush have to address Clark as “General” in a debate he isn’t endorsing any candidate yet. Now is the time in which people can pressure them into correct positions, said Moore.
Moore, a Christian himself, is fed up with George Bush’s religious claims that his governorship and presidency is part of a divine plan. Moore read a satirical chapter from his new book in which God tells George to stop speaking for him and to stop trying to force children to pray in school. God also says that he does not care about the sex lives of consenting adults.

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