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Anti-gay marriage resolution update

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The Genessee County Board of Commissioners voted 6-3 Dec. 3 to table an anti-gay marriage resolution similar to the ones passed in Oakland, Jackson, Monroe, and Lapeer counties. The resolution supports amending the Michigan Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.
The resolution was sponsored by Miles Gadola, R-Grand Blanc. Rose Bogardus, D-Davison, is the commissioner who motioned to table the resolution. The tabling of the resolution by the Genessee County Board makes it very unlikely to ever pass, though Gadola could bring an alternate resolution before the board.
In Macomb County, the county’s 14 Democratic commissioners are being sued for allegedly violating the open meetings act, the Macomb Daily reported. Robert Brandenburg, husband of Commissioner Nicki Brandenburg, is claiming that the Democrats met secretively in order to defeat the anti-gay marriage resolution proposed by his wife.
Macomb County did, in fact, pass an anti-gay marriage resolution in October by a vote of 14-12, but opted for a redrafted version submitted by the Democrats that satisfied neither conservatives who wanted opposition to same-sex marriage be clearly stated, or the LGBT community who did not want the resolution passed at all.

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