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Between Ourselves

Daniel Cascardo is a Royal Oak-based artist whose work murals are notable features of the downtown Ferndale landscape. Cascardo is also an ally to the LGBT community, who recently worked with Affirmations Community Center to create a community work of art at their Spring Bash held at the DIA. The experience helped raise money for the community center and it helped illustrate the idea that the big picture is made up of many people all doing a smaller part. The revealing of “Re-Creation” will be Friday, June 15 at 7 p.m. at Affirmations. Posters and limited edition signed prints will be available for purchase.

1. How would you describe your artwork?
I describe my artwork as abstract intuitive expressionism. I like to create from my imagination and use the energy and participation of people in the creation of art through my “Art Action Experience” program. In the Art Action Experience I create a black and white line painting and then have people add color, pattern, and shapes to the image. I then enhance the piece with depth and detail creating a work of art that captures the energy and enthusiasm of the moment. My inspiration comes from life and the energy of living in the moment with gratitude and trust in my Creator.

2. What can you tell us about the art project for Affirmations?
The project is one of my Art Action Experiences done at the DIA for their “Spring Bash” fundraiser this year. People attending the event had the opportunity to experience being a part of the painting process for a $20 donation.

3. Why are you an ally of the LGBT community?
I am an ally for humanity. I use my art as a vehicle to engage people in the art making process, inspire creativity and bring awareness to their cause. In addition to the Affirmations Spring Bash, I was involved with an organization in Chicago that supported AIDS research and the use of art as a means to raise money and awareness to find a cure. I also did another Art Action Experience with a group from Affirmations that will be a part of a future exhibition

4. What does art do for society?
Art entertains, inspires, transforms, beautifies and communicates in a universal language that is accessible to all people. Art stimulates the imagination and is a vehicle for change, awareness, and growth.

5. Where might people see your work?
My art is on a couple of walls in Ferndale or visit my website and like me on Facebook. I sell my art online and through the Bluarch Collection in Birmingham. People can also contact me about the Art Action Experience Program. I am always looking for corporate, philanthropic, and personal donors that would fund my program to make it available to other diverse and non-profit organizations around the globe.

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